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LAST WEEK ON IG: Aron Piper, Kris Wu, Alton Mason…

Best of last week’s Instagram moments with guys you should already be following – Aron Piper, Kris Wu and Alton Mason to name a few.

taryl bothe

Instagram is going into it’s Autumn mode and so are some of our last week’s must see Instagram moments featuring Brandon Good, Alton Mason, Derek Chadwick, Edison Fan, Dominik Sadoch and our cover star Manu Rios amongst other. Plus we have superstar Kris Wu and the star of ELITE on Netflix actor Aron Piper. 

Scroll down for more of guys you should already be following on IG. 

dominik sadoch

??here together for better tomorrow?? / ? @thegregorfischer at last night’s performance in unity with Polish women, still fighting for basic human rights. Slowly we’re getting all together as a country against the ruling far right party Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.@dominiksadoch

dom blanchard

“Bathroom Selfie’s Can Never Go Wrong” @dom_blan

alton mason

“scorpio” @altonmason

calvin cobb

“a e s t h e t i c .” @calvinonthecobb

edison fan

Trying out new samples can be really fun, this new baby blue @utouch_official swimwear looks so cute under the sun, I wonder what color I should make next? Pink? ???” @edisonfanye

taryl bothe

“Lockdown 2.0 attire ? hope everyone keeps motivated during lockdown even if it’s going for a 20 min run, keeping active is important, if anyone needs any fitness advice I can direct you in the right place” @tarylboothe

joshua sorrentino

“?” @sorrentino24

brandon good

“Szn change” @goodbhavior

manu rios

“?” @manurios

aron piper

“regálame esa chaqueta por favor que chula” @aron.piper

derek chadwick

“?” @derekchadwick

kris wu

“???” @kriswu

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