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How To Choose The Right Leather Belt Design For Every Formal Outfit

Your choice of this timeless accessory can significantly impact your impression

How To Choose The Right Leather Belt Design For Every Formal Outfit

Every occasion calls for putting on a unique and stylish attire. In formal events, men can never go wrong with completing their outfit with the right leather belt. With a myriad of beautiful leather belt materials, textures, colors, and designs, you might even be tempted to wear more than one belt at once.

While leather belts tend to be an icon of style for women, wearing leather belts for men tend to exude authority and social status. Your choice of this timeless accessory can significantly impact your impression.

Since leather is quite a luxurious material used in fashion, you should know how to choose fair-priced leather belts without sacrificing quality. If you’re looking for different leather belts for every formal outfit, have leather belts for men of class and finesse.

With this in mind, check out these tips and considerations when picking the right leather belt for specific formal events:

How To Choose The Right Leather Belt Design For Every Formal Outfit

Assess The Event’s Level Of Formality

Although your clothing draws more attention to your overall look, choosing the wrong belt for the occasion is the perfect recipe for disaster, as it emphasizes your waist and brings balance into the center of your body.

The rule of thumb in choosing the right leather belt for different events is to measure the level of formality of how you should dress. Think of it this way: who would wear a flashy, colored belt at a wedding?

Leather belts worn on strictly formal events are narrower, measuring about 1 ¼ inches and attached to a single buckle. Also, these narrow leather belts will match well with dress shoes such as an Oxford or Derby. With this combination, you can deliver a professional and masculine appearance. 

For a more casual outfit, wider belts with more playful and unique designs will make you look more friendly. You can complement this with warm color combinations like blues and navy.

How To Choose The Right Leather Belt Design For Every Formal Outfit

Leather Should Accompany Leather

The biggest challenge in assembling a whole outfit is how each clothing or accessory piece affects one another, as well as the entire suit. Ideally, your leather elements—belts, wallets, and shoes—must complement each other.

Particularly on special occasions, having a leather wallet that accompanies your leather belt is a plus. As much as possible, your belt’s color and finish should also match with a leather wallet of the same color and finish. However, take note that this isn’t always a requirement as your wallet is hidden most of the time, but it can be an excellent addition to your outfit.

The same rule applies when matching your belts and shoes. Black belts should be worn with black shoes, brown belts with brown shoes, and so on. Additionally, you should also consider the type of material and finish. If your shoes are on the shinier side, opt for a belt with the same glossy coating.

How To Choose The Right Leather Belt Design For Every Formal Outfit

Complement Buckles With Accessories

Aside from pairing all leathers on your attire, the connection between your accessories is as important. The belt’s buckles are responsible for complementing your belt with other accessories and fashion pieces, specifically the metals.

The buckle is the metal component of belts, which allows its ends to fasten. Despite its small size and details, it can greatly impact the unity of your attire. Since the belt buckle is metallic, complement it with your metal accessories, including your watch, cufflinks, tie bars or clips, and metal details on shoes and jewelry designs.

For example, Oxford in brown colors should match the buckle and other metal components with dark earthy tones. Black and gold Oxford shoes should be paired with a black and gold belt.

However, if you’re going for suspenders, there’s no need to wear a belt since the straps can already support your pants. Suspenders suit larger men well as they lessen bulk concentrated on the waist while still holding up the pants efficiently.

Pick A Leather Strap Material

Did you know that leather straps can exist in a variety of appearances, textures, and most importantly, grades? Conventionally, these strap materials are ranked according to their quality and how they can be used in formal or casual occasions. Here are some leather strap materials worn from formal to casual events:

  • Full-grain leather is made of cowhide or calfskin, which is tougher, broader, and stiffer than dress belts. Formal belts with the best quality are usually full-grain calfskin.
  • Braided leather are versatile belts in terms of sizing. You can attach the prong in any hole created by the braided leather pattern. These tend to be more casual and compatible with sports- and summer-themed outfits.
  • Tooled leather has stamped patterns that complement simple, casual clothing like button-down shirts and jeans.

Final Thoughts

Having at least two belts on a man’s wardrobe will suffice for different formal events. As leather belts are expensive, choosing the right belt is crucial for dressing up. Take note of these considerations to score a great belt that will last for years.

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