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MMLIFESTYLE: The Most Extravagant Coffee Drinks You Need To Try

For many of us a cup of coffee is our daily accessory thus our editors round up 10 most extravagant coffee drinks you need to try:

Coffee Drinks
Photo ©Evan Lee for MMSCENE

Whether you are a fan of cold or hot coffee, the choice of type, aroma and taste is huge. From espresso, cappuccino, cortado to latte and americano, the choices are infinite. The obsession of drinking coffee that is inherent in our culture has led to the perfection of various combinations that turn coffee into a fine drink that we adore and experiment with. A strong base of intense taste, goes well with gentle notes of vanilla or coconut, caramel and chocolate coffee give a special dose of character, and alcoholic beverages turn it into a favourite beverage that we love to consume after work or during evening outings.

If you’ve ever thought about trying some exotic flavour and had no idea which one, this is the article for you. Here are some of the best combinations of coffee with liqueurs, fruits, and aromas that you can find in a nearby café or make it yourself.

Gelatine Ice Coffee

Our first choice is Gelatine. Remember those satisfying Instagram videos with milk pouring over colourful ice cubes? Well you were watching the making of gelatine ice coffee. The gelatine sheets are mixed with strong coffee, vanilla sugar and powdered sugar and poured in ice moulds. When they freeze, we pour the milk down and voila. True coffee lovers will enjoy this delicacy.

Coffee Drinks
Photo ©Evan Lee for MMSCENE

Root Beer Latte

If you mix espresso, root beer and ice cream you’ll get an extreme energy boost drink. The first sip of it will mostly bring coffee flavours, but keep drinking, the root beer and vanilla ice cream will add sweetness with every next sip.

Captain Crunch Coolatta

Captain Crunch is one of the most famous cereal around the world. If you are torn between eating breakfast or drinking coffee, you can have both with this drink. A mix of Strawberry Coolatta with an addition of raspberry, blueberry, and cream makes it the best dunkin coffee.

Cheese Coffee

Kaffeost is a Finnish coffee specialty, in which the coffee is poured over cubes of cheese. It is a complicated process to make cheese, in which the curdled milk is shaped into a disk and baked until golden brown, and then cut into cubes.

Cat Coffee

A rare and exclusive Indonesian drink is Kopi Luwak, a coffee made from the faeces of a local cat who loves to eat coffee beans. Those who have tried it claim that coffee has one of the most unique flavours on Earth, and it appears that enzymes in the cat’s digestive tract do not alter proteins. The coffee does not taste acidic, and it is safe for human consumption, as the coffee beans are washed and cooked by the manufacturer at high temperatures.

Monkey Parchment

This coffee from India relates its production process to the Rhesus monkeys, which chew the fruit and then spit it out, leaving the grain intact, in addition, the collection is quite meticulous since they must search the large fields for the residues of the grains to continue with its production. Undoubtedly, a special coffee due to its fermentation process and the small quantities that are produced.

Photo ©Evan Lee for MMSCENE

Smurf Latte

Australia has invented a new way of drinking latte, with a bright blue colour this coffee contains lemon, ginger and coconut milk with the infusion of living blue algae that gives it this peculiar colour. Although many would think it is sweet, those who have tried this drink mention that it has an unconventional bitter taste.

Egg Coffee

This coffee mix comes from Scandinavia and it’s called “Lutheran Church Coffee”. It doesn’t have anything to do with the church nor was it invented there, Scandinavian people named it like that  because of the easier preparation of large amounts of this beverage. The mixing of ground coffee with eggs clarifies the coffee and allows better separation between the grind and the water. Coffee has a pure taste and provides a fat free protein drink with a unique and tasty flavour.

If none of the flavours are to your liking, at least today there are so many different flavours and combinations of coffee at every corner. Choose yours, and enjoy your cup of coffee.

All photos above captured by photographer ©Evan Lee for MMSCENE exclusive stories, discover the complete shoot.

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