READING TIME: 10 Steps To Ensuring a Great College Experience

Ask many graduates the one thing they would love to change if given a chance to go back to school, and it would be their college experiences. Many focused on making good grades alone. They never had time to have fun and experience college life. However, it is possible to have fun and still make good grades. According to experts that renders help with dissertation writing, having a balanced academic life is the ideal thing.

Here are steps that will help you have a great college experience irrespective of your current level.

1. Develop good relationship with your professors

Try to make friends with the staffs in your department. You never know who is going to help you the next minute. Unfortunately, most students are afraid to visit their professors let alone start a conversation with them. They believe all professors are mean and difficult to interact with because of their academic achievements. Many refrain from visiting during office hours even when they have mind-boggling questions to ask.

But this should stop if you want to enjoy college and have great stories to share when you graduate. Take advantage of office hours to visit your professors. They wouldn’t turn you down if you came at the right time. Regular visits will not only make your professors to see you as a serious student. They might even favor you when the time for grading comes.

2. Stay healthy

You need to be in good health to attend classes or participate in any activity in college. No one can talk about going for a party or writing an exam while lying on the sick bed. Your body and mind must be healthy before you can make such decisions.

However, you can keep yourself healthy by doing simple things. Join a workout group or friends that go for road walk occasionally. The bottom line is to exercise your body regularly, eat healthy diets and drink a lot of water. Finally, avoid any unhealthy habit that may likely put your health at risk.

3. Attend your school’s sporting events

You can join your school’s team if you have what it takes or follow others to cheer them up. Sporting events create some of the best moments in college, so you should never miss out when the opportunity to attend one comes knocking. The energy during such games is usually unbeatable, irrespective of the type of sport. Most students are afraid to join sports groups in school because they feel it is time-consuming. But with proper planning and discipline, this shouldn’t be a problem for any student.

4. Find a job on campus

Campus job can be in different forms. You can decide to become an orientation leader, offer campus tours, writer or editor for your school’s publication house. The point is any job you do on campus will cause you to have memorable experiences. Plus you might also become a popular figure in the school. Working on campus allows you to meet new people and make friends. You will also learn deep things about the school that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t take up that position. You will also be in other students’ lives and memory. Don’t be surprised to find someone you assisted in college working in the same office with you years later.

5. Spend your entire college years on campus

Why should anyone that is hoping to have a great college experience stay off campus? You cannot enjoy college life or know what’s happening if you live far from the school. Off campus, there is no guarantee that your next door neighbor would be a student. But on campus, there is a possibility that everyone around you is a student.

Make friends, ask fun questions, hang out and play sports – in other words, make the most of your time on campus. 

6. Explore campus facilities

It’s good to chase after good grades in college. But that does not mean you should neglect things that make you happy. Even if you are on a budget, there are school facilities you can utilize for free such as pools, gyms, computer labs, museums and other facilities provided for students. You can ask older students the free facilities available, and if there are any rules, abide by them.

7. Try not to skip classes

Going through college without skipping a class is difficult. But make an effort not to unless circumstances are beyond your control. If you sincerely want to make a good impression, be punctual and early to class. Even if the professor is not going to take attendance, there is a high possibility that he or she knows those that are not present. You should also expect impromptu test at any moment.

8. Find a secret study spot

Don’t expect the library to be scanty all the time. It will sometimes be overcrowded, especially during exam periods. And you will only be deceiving yourself if you think you can read and assimilate in such a condition, where friends bump into you every minute. However, you can read in a class that is quiet and safe. You will be able to assimilate better there. You can also read there at night to avoid distractions from friends and colleagues.

9. Make friends with upperclassmen

Make friends with individuals above you. The point is upperclassmen will have a great wealth of experience in the current level you are and will tell you what to expect, how to prepare for specific exams and get your desired grade effortlessly. Most of them also have cars and may drop you off occasionally.

10. Manage your finances

You need to plan your budget and stay within your financial capacity. In other words, don’t spend above your means for any reason. And if you live on a tight budget, you’ll have to think of an additional way to make money as a student


Going to college is a thing everyone dreams of experiencing. You will have this freedom of expression, make decisions, plan and achieve something without your parents interfering. But the beauty of college is not just in making good grades. You need to have great experiences that will create a long lasting memory.

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