How To Use Crystals To Relax And Sleep

Here are five methods to use crystals to achieve optimal relaxation and sleep

How To Use Crystals To Relax And Sleep

Crystals are naturally occurring stones that have been existing in the earth for over a millennium. People find these gems to be more than just stylish fashion statements. It’s because the vibration emanating from certain crystals may help you gain certain benefits, such as becoming more relaxed and achieving better sleep.

That being said, here are five methods to use crystals to achieve optimal relaxation and sleep:

How To Use Crystals To Relax And Sleep

Wear Them

Using calming crystals in the form of jewelry is an attractive and inconspicuous way of achieving and maintaining the calmness of the mind. Try wearing bracelets, earrings, or necklaces with lepidolite to feel its relaxing vibrations course through your body.

Lepidolite is a type of crystal that may promote deep relaxation. Wearing a purifying bracelet with this stone might become your go-to fashion accessory for travels. Travelling can bring different pressures to mind. Traversing an unfamiliar place, meeting strangers, and communicating with the locals can be stressful. A lepidolite bracelet may help reduce your stress levels during travels so you can make the most out of every moment.

Moreover, you can continue wearing lepidolite as you doze off to dreamland. The stone’s calming characteristics can still flow through you as you sleep at night. Attaining a blissful sleep with the gem’s help will allow you to wake up with a big smile on your face.

Hold Them

The seemingly simple act of holding a particular crystal in your hand may provide you with positive energies. These vibrations might help you achieve and maintain calmness of the body, mind, and spirit.

One excellent example is calcite, a crystal that provides gentle yet efficient stress-relieving energies. Hold this stone in your hand for a few minutes to help rid your mind of the pressures of the world.

For example, you argued with your boss over a project’s particulars. Now, you find it more challenging than usual to focus and commit to your current tasks because of the recent dispute. So, spend a few minutes holding healing crystals, like calcite, to help eliminate that dark cloud looming over your head.

Holding the right stone may help bring your mood to a positive light. As a bonus, you may gain the focus you need to finish your tasks.

Put Them In The Bathtub

Getting enough rest and sleep are among the many factors to consider if you want to look and feel young. But, achieving that goal tends to be more challenging than usual. Successfully maintain your youthful glow by immersing yourself in a crystal bath.

A traditional bath may help release the negative energies you have accumulated throughout the day. However, you can bring more positivity into your system with the help of crystals, like amethyst, citrine, and carnelian.

Amethyst, in particular, may promote balance to emotional extremes caused by stress. It can also be an excellent way to calm and relax your nerves after a busy day.

You can place amethyst or other healing crystals in or around your bathtub to allow their energies to flow into you. After spending time in a crystal bath, you may find yourself feeling like a new person.

How To Use Crystals To Relax And Sleep

Have Them Displayed In The Office

Perhaps, it’s not an ideal thing to hold the crystal in your hand throughout the day. Otherwise, the stone might limit your hand movements, thereby affecting your performance at work.

Instead, you can place certain gems in specific locations around your workplace to help you attract and maintain relaxing and positive vibrations. One stone that you should keep in your workspace is shungite.

Shungite is a black stone with energies that may help relieve anxiety and insomnia. Place this gem near your computer and smartphone to help ward off the negativity that may come your way through these gadgets. In return, you should feel calm and composed as you complete your daily tasks, knowing that this crystal is blocking distracting energies.

Meditate With Them

Meditation is the act of finding inner peace. You seclude yourself from the world as you concentrate on your inner self. But, the world can be a harsh place as different factors can inhibit you from acquiring Zen through meditation.

Protect your mediation field by creating a crystal barrier. Use stones, like clear quartz, to help ward off the negativity that may come your way while you’re trying to achieve inner peace.

Note that you don’t need several gems to achieve this warding barrier. But, consider having at least four during your meditation. The four crystals should be at your front, back, and on each of your sides. Placing these items in the correct locations may allow you to become enveloped in calming energies, helping you focus better.

You can also incorporate multiple crystals to help you gain additional benefits. For example, combine the use of clear quartz with amethyst to block and release negative energies around you.

Have Them In Your Bedroom

Do you find yourself tossing and turning in your bed at night?  Are random thoughts trying to invade your mind when you’re trying to sleep?

If you said ‘Yes’ to either questions, you might need the help of the right healing crystal. Choose a gemstone or two that emanate relaxing vibes across the bedroom. You may opt for rose quartz, black tourmaline, and sodalite to help clear your mind at night.

But, having any of these stones in your bedroom might not be enough for you to gain a good night’s sleep. It would be best if you also understand that proper placement is crucial for you to acquire calming energies.

For instance, place rose quartz in a glass bowl on the bedside table to let your inner self absorb peace and serenity from the surrounding. Also, you may place black tourmaline near your bedroom door and windows to help prevent negative energies from entering the space.

Another use for these stones is with the help of spray bottles. Put your chosen gem in a spray bottle and fill the container with water. Then, spray your bed, furniture, and other pieces of décor in the room with the crystal-infused water. This method may help spread the stone’s positive energies throughout the immediate vicinity, promoting better, sounder sleep each night.


Certain crystals may help give you the relaxation and sleep you deserve. Use stones, like clear quartz, black tourmaline, and amethyst to help remove negative energies from your system, as well as your surroundings. Consider using these gems in your bedroom, office, or bathtub, and you may feel better than ever.

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