MMSCENE GUIDE: Steps to Planning the Perfect Proposal

We’ve got you covered if you’re thinking about popping the question to your significant other soon but aren’t sure how to start planning

Photography by ©Miquel Cabello for MMSCENE

With December approaching, it’s one of the most popular times of the year to get engaged. It’s a significant occasion since you and your significant other are starting the next chapter of your lives together.

If you’re considering proposing to your significant other soon but are unsure where to start planning, we’ve got you covered. Our steps to planning the perfect proposal will help you ensure that you don’t miss a single detail, ensuring your special moment is memorable for you both.

Step 1: Ask For A Blessing (Or Not)

Those who respect tradition want to respect their significant other’s family by asking for permission first. Usually, the father or both parents are the ones that give the blessing.

For some, asking permission is an old-fashioned notion. If you aren’t the traditional type, still consider getting approval from your partner’s parents. It’s a great way to show them respect. Both your partner and their family will appreciate this effort.

Step 2: Decide On A Private Or Public Proposal

Would the proposal be even more special and shared with your and your partner’s loved ones? If yes, then a public proposal would be perfect. However, if your partner would prefer an intimate setting with just the two of you, then a private proposal would be best.

Step 3: Choose The Ring

Some couples are open about discussing the type of engagement ring to get. This discussion does make it easier to know what you’re going after. It doesn’t take away from the surprise, but the number of choices can get overwhelming if you haven’t had this conversation or if she hasn’t thrown hints.

If you’re struggling to choose, you can seek support from her mother, sister, or even her best friend, who has known her for years. Also, make sure it’s someone you trust that won’t spoil the surprise. Having this backup will surely help you to pick the perfect ring.

As a tip, lab-grown diamond engagement rings are not only much cheaper than their mined counterparts, but it’s also a more ethical choice. If your partner believes in the more honest approach, they will appreciate it.

Photography by ©Miquel Cabello for MMSCENE

Step 4: Make It Personal

While it’s easy to propose anywhere, choosing a personal approach will make it even more special. Choosing a meaningful location to plan the activities around it will help to make it the perfect proposal.

There’s no need to burn a hole in your wallet to take her on a couple’s vacation. A meaningful location could be the first place you met or even where you asked her out.

For the activities and decorations, there’s no need to complicate things. Consider what your partner likes and dislikes. Use this knowledge to plan a memorable proposal.

Step 5. Decide What To Say

A message from the heart goes hand-in-hand with the perfect proposal. How does your partner make you feel? Tell her why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Practicing what you want to say can help ensure you’re extra prepared.

A heartfelt speech can bring tears to the eyes or stun a person. Everyone reacts differently to these speeches, but you can guarantee that your partner will feel touched by what you have prepared.

Step 6: Make The Whole Day Special

Since you both will be entering a new chapter in your lives, it’s only fitting to celebrate the entire day and make it memorable. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars. Keeping it simple can do just fine.

Try giving them little surprises throughout the day, from making breakfast in bed to visiting your favorite location. The possibilities are endless, and your fiancé will remember this day for the rest of their life.

Photography by ©Miquel Cabello for MMSCENE

Step 7: Plan For The Unexpected

Planning for the unexpected is something to consider. If you plan to propose outdoors, consider how the weather may affect that. Is there a cover nearby that can work just as well? However, a proposal in the rain is just as, or even more romantic.

Step 8: Capture The Proposal

Capturing this particular moment is a great way to reflect on memories and share them with your loved ones. You and your partner will appreciate having captured your engagement day.

You can hire a photographer to capture the proposal as it’s happening. To prevent spoiling the surprise, the photographer can remain unseen or even pretend to focus on sceneries around you.

Step 9: Just Be Yourself

One of the essential steps is just to be yourself. The reason your partner is with you is because of who you are.

Remember, there’s no reason to compete with other proposals. Their relationship is different from yours. So creating a proposal around what makes you two a couple and happy is key to the perfect proposal.

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