For Better or For Worse: Tips to Have the Perfect Proposal

It has been said that little girls dream about having their perfect wedding. They get lost in a daze thinking about what they want their wedding dress to look like and who their bridesmaids will be. Boys, on the other hand, aren’t thinking about weddings at all.

At an adolescent age, boys are thinking about sports and video games. They could care less about who their bride is or what she looks like. In fact, interactions with girls are just beginning, and are usually online while playing games.

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It’s not until a boy turns into a man that he understands the importance of a woman, and when he finds the right one, there’s no turning back. A man that can find his best friend in his woman is like finding gold at the end of a rainbow.

If you are a man in love who’s ready to take your relationship to that next level, you have to do things right by her. Follow these steps to the perfect engagement, and you’ll be sure to get a yes.

Know Your Woman

This is the first step of your engagement process. How can you propose to a woman you don’t even know? This is actually something you should have been doing all along, and should be a no-brainer. It’s crucial now because it’s those little things about her that can take the engagement to another level.

Maybe your lady’s favorite color is yellow or her favorite flowers are roses. All those details are very important when planning a way to ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. It shows that you’ve paid attention all along, even though she may think that you don’t.

Pick the Ring

If you’ve been in a relationship with your lady for quite some time, then she is probably expecting a proposal from you at some point, so it’s perfectly fine to ask her what is her ring size. In fact, most women can get pretty antsy about a proposal.

You’re probably thinking that directly asking for her ring size will take away from the surprise factor, but it actually doesn’t. She still won’t know when the proposal will take place. Now, if you are one who stands firmly on the surprise factor, then a sneaky way to find out her ring size is to go through her jewelry box and find a ring that she wears often.

You can take that ring to a local jeweler, and they can tell you the size. Once you’ve found out her ring size, now it’s time for you to find an engagement ring that’s both beautiful and affordable.

Plan the Engagement

Now we’re getting to the fun part. First, figure out if you want the proposal to be intimate or flashy and extravagant. Once you’ve figured that out, do you want friends and family there, or just the two of you?

The planning of your proposal is all on you. You know her best and would know what type of engagement she would like, so go with what your gut tells you, and let the actual proposal handle the rest.

Get the Yes

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. After everything you’ve went through in your engagement process, the love you’ve professed to her (in private or in front of family and friends), what will her answer be?

Well if you’ve followed these steps to a tee, you’ll definitely get a yes, so don’t stress. Look at it like you’ve asked your best friend to hang out with you forever, and who wouldn’t want that, so Congratulations! Get ready to start your wedding plans.

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