Top 8 Tech Gifts for Your Dad this Christmas

With this incredible list of awesome gadgets, your dad will be sure to feel the Christmas spirit!

Isn’t it time to give your dad an awesome, cool, and maybe even thoughtful gift for Christmas? The Black Friday Sales are right around the corner. Let us help you find the PERFECT tech gift for your incredible Dad this year!

Find more Black Friday Sale tips in our article:

• The Carter 4K Action Camera with Full Accessory Kit is the perfect tech for the outdoorsy dad who loves sports and adventure. Capture each special action-packed memory in super 4K quality. Comes with accessories like a waterproof case, clip, base, base adapter, handlebar mount, and so much more.

• For the super nerdy dad, a Google Home Mini Smart Speaker will give him the integrated Wi-Fi connectivity to the world that he deserves. Connect all the smart devices in one convenient hub. Use far-field voice recognition tech and the Google Assistant to request tasks, calendars, information, entertainment, music, and more in seconds.

• For the dad who loves his beats, check out the Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones. These sleek headphones have a special swivel folding design that lasts for a whole eighty hours of listening time! Enjoy clear sound and reduce 95% of ambient noise.

• Your dad will love the Xiaomi Mi 360 Home Security Camera. This real time non-invasive camera records video footage and has a built-in microphone and speaker. Pan and tilt for ultimate functionality. Dad can keep an eye on his castle without a worry.

• The Yamaha 5.1 Channel YSP 1600 Sound Bar remains one of the hottest electronic gifts for Dad this holiday season. Featuring Digital Sound Projector technology and incredible surround sound, your dad will enjoy hours listening to his favorite shows and the game in a truly immersive sound environment. The MusicCast App adds extra functionality to the speakers by connecting all smart devices in one place. Enjoy music anywhere in your home with this handy sound bar!

• Your super handy dad will enjoy the Carter 5.5mm Wi-Fi Endoscope Camera for those difficult plumbing and household projects. The camera is compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows. The built in rechargeable battery adds extra support to the handy camera that can illuminate low visibility environments like pipes and hard-to-reach places in your home. It connects wirelessly to your phone.

• Does your dad like to travel? Then he will love the incredible Laser Wireless Travel Charger 6700Ah Power Bank. This handy wall charging power bank charges the phone when your dad is on the go. The device has four region charging adapters. They power up overseas or when at work.

• Is your dad a video and photography enthusiast? Or maybe he just wants the absolutely coolest gadget this year? Then get him the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone. This exciting powerful drone allows for smooth stable cinematic footage. Using the latest 3 axis gimble tech, enjoy thirty minutes of beautiful footage and incredible creative freedom. This is the number one gift for the dad who has everything.

Treat your dad to the electronic Christmas gift of his dreams. With this incredible list of awesome gadgets, your dad will be sure to feel the Christmas spirit! Spoil your dad this year!

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