Why Making Your Space is an Important Step for Adulthood

In this guide, we will take a close look at key design elements and how they relate to your journey into adulthood

Why Making Your Space is an Important Step for Adulthood

Have you defined your space as a representation of your character? Would you like your home’s interior design to reflect your taste as an adult? As children, we were forced to live in the environment that our parents and guardians established for us. The way your house was decorated and furnished is a direct reflection of your parents.

Now that you have reached adulthood, it is time to create a space to call your own. The look and feel of your place need to reflect your particular style. You also need to keep your storage space requirements in mind. In this guide, we will take a close look at key design elements and how they relate to your journey into adulthood.

Built-In Storage

You may know the feeling of having a new space with limited closet space and limited storage. This can be remedied by making some décor elements double as storage. Shelving and storage spaces that are built into the design discretely hold the things you need to store.

With the rise of minimalism, hiding your stored goods in plain sight is a challenge that many young adults phase when decorating their first home or apartment. 

Potted Plants

Bringing plants into your space is a literal breath of fresh air. Just as we inhale oxygen, plants give off the oxygen we need to survive. Adding plants to your space brings more life to your home.

Plants also require TLC and maintenance. As an adult, being the caretaker for plants is training for being responsible for life. A surefire way to know how well a person can take care of a pet is to see how well they take care of plants.

Creative Wall Color

Colors reflect mood like nothing else. Deciding on your color palette is how you set up the energy and vibe of each room in your place. Since your home is a reflection of your personality, begin searching for the right hues by using colors that you are fond of. With your favorite color as the base color, you can build a color scheme around that color.

Two-toned wall painting allows you to have some diversity. You can start with the lighter color on top and the darker color beneath. The two colors can be separated by white moulding set three to four feet from the floor.

Why Making Your Space is an Important Step for Adulthood


The piece of furniture that defines the living room more so than any other is the sofa. If your living room seating was a band, the sofa would be the lead singer, and the loveseat and armchair are mere backup singers.

Selecting a sofa that represents your style is an important task when you are furnishing your new place. There is something about buying furniture that speaks to the coming of age journey of a young adult. Get a statement couch for your living room, and let your sense of style speak out.

Oversized Ottoman

If you want to bring a sense of comfort and coziness to a living room, switch your coffee table for an oversized ottoman. If you have a large seating arrangement and need to make the feeling more welcoming, instead of using that standard size coffee table, choose a large ottoman.

A large, upholstered ottoman will fit rather nicely between a front-facing sofa and loveseat. One thing is for sure; the purchase of an ottoman is a true symbol of adulthood. It is safe to say that the youth have little to no interest in furnishing their space with ottomans.

Intimate Settings

As an adult, you will spend time in your space with your significant other. It is for this reason that you want to establish an ambiance in designated areas in your home where you and your mate will spend quality time. When selecting the décor of a room that is intended to have an intimate feel, think plush and comfy as a rule of thumb.

Why Making Your Space is an Important Step for Adulthood


Just like the cherry on top of the sundae or the dressing on top of the salad, accents provide the finishing touches that make the décor complete. Home accessories can range from throw pillows and vases to clocks and bookends. In the time of the minimalist, it is important not to overdo it with the accents. Less is more in that regard.

Define Your Own Style

If you have not thought about what your style of design might be, now is the perfect time. While you are not a certified interior decorator, you understand what you do and don’t like as far as style is concerned. It won’t take much research to become familiar with the general principals of the décor and interior design.

This is the point in time that inspiration is sought to make your journey a bit easier. Now that you have reached adulthood, it is incumbent upon you to make the necessary adjustments in your life. The best place to show how far you have come is by using your unique sense of style. Purchasing décor items based on your preferences will establish your style footprint in your place.


Your home is your abode, and it is up to you to make sure it mirrors the kind of person you have grown to be. It doesn’t matter if you have a large home or a studio apartment; a new space is a blank canvas upon which to paint a masterpiece. What elements of décor best reflect your tastes as an adult?

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