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John Varvatos FW13 Menswear Collection

John Varvatos

Fall winter 2013 menswear collection by John Varvatos presented during the previous Milano Fashion Week, after a behind the scenes look, get familiar with the collection after the jump:

John Varvatos John Varvatos John Varvatos


Models: Aaron Vernon, Alex Maklakov, Alexander Kjellevik, Alexander van Ballaer, Alexandre Cunha, Arthur Daniyarov, Claudio Monteiro, Duco Ferwerda, Fabian Pfenninger, Fernando Cabral, Jakob Hybholt, Jeremy Young, Johannes Niermann, Joseph Gjura, Linus Gustin, Luuk Van Os, Marius Survilla, Marcus Miller, Mark Cox, Mathias Bergh, Nick Lagerburg, Nick Rae, Pete Bolton, Robert Laby, Sander Nevejans, Stirling Caiulo, Ton Heukeuls


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