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Dries Van Noten SS13 Men’s

Dries Van Noten

Collection: Dries Van Noten
Season: Spring Summer 2013
Models: Adam Merks, Alexander Beck, Arthur Gosse, Baptiste Radufe, Bastiaan Ninaber, Ben Allen, Chris Beek, Clement Chabernaud, Daisuke Ueda, Demy Matzen, Douglas Neitzke, Elias Cafmeyer, Elvis Jankus, George Barnett, Jester White, Johnny George, Karl Morrall, Matt King, Miles Langford, Milo Spijkers, Nicolas Hagius, Pascal Bonvie, Paul Boche, Rasmus Pyykkoe, Reece Sanders, Simon Kotyk, Simon Sabbah, Simone Nobili, Thomas Aoustet, Thomas Penfound, Wang Rui, Yannick Abrath, Yuri Pleskun
Royal orange and navy blue stand out in Dries Van Noten's spring summer menswear collection, combining contemporary lines with a fresh approach towards military styled patterns. Showing during Paris Fashion Week Dries has sent down the runway more than fifty new looks, see more on our

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