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TOP STORIES: Nikola Jovanovic, Niki Wimmer, Men In Italy and more.

Nikola Jovanovic

Niki Wimmer

Men In Italy

Greg Dodds

Lee Kholafai

#1 – Nikola Jovanovic by Rick Day
#2 – Niki Wimmer by Sam Scott Schiavo
#3 – Giovanni Squatriti for Men In Italy Milano Portfolio
#4 – Greg Dodds by Ricko Sandy
#5 – Lee Kholafai by Sonny Tong

These five stories dgot the most of your page views in the previous week as well as the most responses over at our Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

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Diego Miguel for GQ Style Australia

Maxime Bergougnoux and Jakob Hybholt for Cerruti Fall Winter 2011