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Exclusive Polaroid Teaser by Jared Bautista

Jared Bautista

Fashion photographer Jared Bautista shares with us a polaroid teaser from his exclusive Male Model Scene shoot in New York. Featuring top models and rising stars of prestige New York based modeling agencies such as Soul Artist Management, Red Models (Citizen Division), New York Model Management, Q Management, and DNA Models.

We do have to note this is not the full cast, also please don't mind our HASHTAG overload, even tho it makes no sense to use them here we just had to describe their lovely personalities in this fun way. With the teaser below find out who was at our exclusive shoot below:

Abiah Hostvedt

Abiah Hostvedt from Red Models Management's Red Citizen division. Simply #JOLLY

Adam Lindholm

Adam Lindholm a promising fresh face at New York Model Management #FLAWLESS

Cameron Gentry

Cameron Gentry from DNA Models #CHARMING

Mitch Baker

Mitch Baker from Soul Artist Management #SOFETCH

Nemanja Maksic

Nemanja Maksic from DNA Models (and Fox Fashion Agency in Belgrade!) #PROFOUND

Sam Steele

Sam Steele from Soul Artist Management #LOL

Satoshi Toda

Satoshi Toda at New York Model Management #SWAG

Sean Harju

Sean Harju at Soul Artist Management #COMICAL

Jared Bautista

Tao Fernandez at New York Model Management #SMOKIN

Jared Bautista

Thor at Soul Artist Management #STUD


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