How To Choose The Perfect Watch For Him

As the season of love approaches, what better way to show your man some love than to shop a wristwatch

Watches, like legendary watches of all time and perfumes, have always been at the top of every man’s wardrobe list. And you must have heard the famous statement: a good watch and a confidante are some of the few good things a man should have. As the season of love approaches, what better way to show your man some love than to shop the Filippo Loreti wristwatch collection, known for their legendary watches of all time.

Watch gifts is to your boyfriend what good shoes is to stylish women.

Buying a watch as a gift for your boyfriend or husband is as old as it gets but never out of trend. Even though the consensus is that men are difficult to shop for, wristwatches are always welcome last-minute gifts. After all, no man can ever have too many watches. The thoughtful range of wristwatches at Filippo Loreti makes it easier to select classic, fashionable and functional models that he will love.

In considering the best watch to gift your boyfriend, you should envision the type of timepiece he would select if he were shopping with you. This eases the selection process so that the only puzzle you’re left with is whether to purchase men’s classic watches, moonphase watches, or trendy models.

Regardless, we have compiled a comprehensive list of guidelines to follow when shopping for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day gifts.

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Find the best type of watch strap

Knowing the right kind of strap could solve a chunk of your shopping problems. An excellent place to start from might be documenting the watch straps he already has in his wardrobe. And if he’s the type that is stuck to a specific strap style, you have your answer too. Whether mesh, leather, rubber, or NATO bracelet, ensure to select the most functional strap of the group. For instance, an athletic boyfriend may prefer the Legio Brigadier NATO. Stainless steel bracelet watches that are best suited for all styles are the safest choice. Take, for example, the Venice Moonphase Blue Gold Mesh.

Match his personality

Personality is just as crucial as the wristwatch material when shopping for gift watches for him. If he’s the guy that likes to be the center of attraction, the Venice Rose Gold Automatic Mesh is a remarkable choice.

A businessman would most likely demand a trendy and luxurious option with high quality. The classic Venice Rose Gold Automatic is a great choice to match his brown accessories.

The stylish man doesn’t like anything old-fashioned. A practical mesh, steel, or leather model will do – check Venice Moonphase Silver Mesh, Ascari Retro Blue Link, and Ascari Tuscany Rubber.

If he’s brand-conscious, Filippo Loreti Collection is the ultimate choice. From the intricate engraving to premium personalized craftsmanship, sophisticated design, and high-end materials, our wrist watches are primarily suited as gifts.

While the Apple Watch has a tech vibe, it lacks true style unless you’ve upgraded to apple watch bands for men. However, nothing quite surpasses the timeless appeal of a classic watch. It effortlessly complements any outfit or occasion, making it a worthy addition to his collection if he hasn’t considered it yet.

Think about his style

Create a mental picture of his present jewelry collection. Do they depict him as a casual or professional individual? What lifestyle or clothing style does he prefer? Your partner’s way of life often indicates their preferences, saving you so much trouble in the decision-making process. Since style automatically dictates the functionality of his timepiece, now is the time to decide on whether he prefers chic, sporty, or fashionable selections.

Think of occasions when he would wear a watch

Go for a brown or black leather bracelet if he prefers a timeless and multipurpose wristwatch that can be worn to the office and evening events. Sporty and classic crosses are for guys that love rugged watches that are made to resist wear and tear.

For formal occasions, you have to be more precise about more details such as:

His present collection – You can match the band color to his extensive collection of cufflinks, belts, shoes, or outfits.

Personality – At the fore of this should be his overall comfort. Less is more for a conservative man and the sparkly options for the fashionable man.

Personalize it – You know a lot about him, don’t you? Especially since the Filippo Loreti watches are custom-made, you may request for a watch that matches his lifestyle.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, there has never been a better time to profess your love to the one that matters. A brand new Filippo Loreti watch makes for a thoughtful gift, no matter your man’s fashion preferences. Coupled with the diverse range of prices and designs, you will get the perfect gentleman’s watch at giveaway prices.

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