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Kenzo by Nigo: A Sci-Fi Inspired FW 24 Pre-Collection Campaign

Sunrise Chasing: A Journey from West to East in Fashion

Kenzo FW 24 Pre-Collection / Courtesy of Kenzo

“Sunrise Chasing: a journey from West to East” is the mesmerising adventure that artistic director Nigo has taken Kenzo on for the Fall Winter 2024 Women’s and Men’s Pre-Collection Campaign. By incorporating cross-cultural components into the Kenzo season wardrobe against a setting that feels both familiar and future, this campaign broadens Nigo’s perspective. The ad, which draws inspiration from science fiction analogies, sets the pre-collection—which was first released in January 2024—into a lunar environment that is mellowed by the sea’s waves.

Courtesy of Kenzo

For this campaign, Canary Islands-based photographer Lengua takes both still and moving pictures. Lengua’s work, which is renowned for questioning accepted notions of nature, fits very well with Planet Earth’s futuristic landscape, which serves as the collection’s inspiration. Nigo emphasises dialogue in his art, and the ad symbolises the idea of chasing the sunrise from the West to the East. A story that strikes a balance between cosmic imaginations and earthy aspects gives life to this conversation.

Courtesy of Kenzo

The pre-collection presents a fresh elegance that is essential to Kenzo’s vision, arising in the soft light and dawn air. The silhouettes and themes in the collection create a dialogue between the celestial and the earthly, alternating between grounded realism and future dreams. The idea behind the campaign is reminiscent of the moon landing sequences, with a design that evokes a spirit of adventure and discovery.

Courtesy of Kenzo

The classic plissé soleil dress, which is the focal point of the collection, stands out next to workwear with the Kenzo Weave pattern. This design gives the collection a handmade, rooted sensibility, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese hakeshi baten fireman’s coats. The concept of space travel is furthered with cargo flight trousers and a metallic sequinned torso, while one of the Kenzo Constellation patterns is highlighted by a starry logo t-shirt. These prints, which include the Rue Vivienne emblem and the boke flower in starry patterns, imaginatively reimagine the Maison’s symbol from the viewpoint of a stargazing earthling.

Courtesy of Kenzo

Take a closer look at the collection in the Gallery below:

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