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Max Schön by Jonas Huckstorf + EXCLUSIVE Q&A

Max Schön
The promising Max Schön teams up for a session with photographer Jonas Huckstorf, and also takes time to answer few of our questions for the exclusive MMSCENE Q&A.

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Who is Max Schön?
A 18 year old boy from Berlin who loves doing sport´s and meeting friends.

If you weren’t a model what would you be?
Just a normal boy from Berlin with one crazy hobby less…

Your personal passion or hidden talents?
I think to negotiate on markets with the sellers about their prices for t/shirts oder bags

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Ten years from now (you will be…)?
Hopefully an international model ! But if this won’t happened I think I would like to become a pilot or a dentist

Favorite word?
It´s a German word called „Eierbär“ but I think it´s not possible to translate in to English 😉

What’s no fun?
Helping my mom doing household stuff like cleaning up or doing cooking.

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Who’s your favorite Supermodel?

It´s Daniel Bamdad ! I just met him one time while doing the berlin Fashion Week, but i was very impressed by his character and his „this is art“ tattoo over his eyebrow.

Instant gratification?
A healthy and lucky family.

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Current ‘eye candy‘?
I love watching “Storage Hunters“ after a long day.

Favorite movie?
It changes every two weeks, but now it´s the movie „American Sniper”

Your Dream modeling Job?
A underwear Campaign for Calvin Klein or a show for Louis Vuitton.


Something ‘Timeless‘?
Wearing a suit combined with a tie.

What’s your beauty secret or essential grooming routine?
Good Genes from the parents and do not smoke.

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A quote that sums you up:
Look back from the future, and you will know how your life looks like (Osvaldo Zenglein)

Max is represented by Modelwerk Model agency in Berlin, see his portfolio at

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