Laser Resurfacing Gets Male Models Ready for Their Close-ups

Trends in male aesthetic surgery are always changing and one of the hottest cosmetic procedures of the moment is laser resurfacing. According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, ablative laser skin resurfacing usually costs 2,124 dollars and non-ablative procedures, such as Fraxel treatments, have an average price of 1,114 bucks. Today, we want to share information about what laser resurfacing is and what the benefits and risks are. When you see a handsome male model with immaculate skin on a magazine cover, or striking the pose in an editorial layout, you may not realize that laser resurfacing is his secret weapon. It can be yours, too.

What is Laser Resurfacing, Anyway?

This procedure utilizes a laser to enhance the appearance and texture of skin. A plastic surgeon or dermatologist will look at your skin and decide whether an ablative or non-ablative laser treatment is right for you. According to, 86 percent of patients who opt for these procedures are pleased with their results. Like many cosmetic procedures, there are drawbacks but the opportunity to improve skin quality and texture is something many feel is worth the small risk.

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What Are the Benefits?

According to Web MD, this aesthetic treatment reduces skin imperfections, such as acne scars and blemishes. It also reduces facial lines. With laser resurfacing, concentrated and short beams of pulsating light are directed at problem areas. The laser light removes layer after layer of skin. This procedure may also be known as laser peel, laser vaporization or lasabrasion. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists perform these procedures.

Some forms of laser resurfacing are more invasive than others. Ablative laser treatments are more invasive. Ablative lasers offer stronger performance and they are appropriate for those with deeper wrinkles. They are also good choices for those with severe acne scars and/or uneven texture. According to, non-ablative lasers are sensible options for those with spider veins, acne issues and/or rosacea.

If you prefer minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures, non-ablative laser treatments will be good choices. These treatments get results by heating tissue in problem areas, without destroying the tissue. The process boosts production of collagen, which is a building block of skin. New collagen production helps to fill in imperfections, including wrinkles and fine lines.

What About the Risks?

According to the Mayo Clinic website, the main risks of plastic surgery are itching, swelling and redness. Infection, scarring, changes to skin color, acne and eyelid turning (ectropian) may also occur. Recovery times will vary based on which type of laser is used.

Get a High-def Complexion

Male models need good skin to make their mark in the world of fashion. In the age of high-def, a smooth and flawless complexion is now more important than ever before. Makeup artists prefer to work with male models who have great skin and so do photographers, because it’s easier to take beautiful photographs and video when a male models do have glowing, clear complexions. If you want the best skin possible, you may find that the benefits of laser skin resurfacing far outweigh the risks.

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