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Makeup for men, is easy – you’ll generally only need a simple make-up routine and here it is investigated by MMSCENE editors:

Antonio Velez
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Men using make-up has gone such a long way in its history. Before, the only men that used make-up were actors in theatres and movies and models. Other than that, men growing up with older sisters probably would have gotten some help in moments when men frantically try to hide pimples and acne for a date or a class photo and are calmed down by their sister and introduced to concealers. However, times have changed, and even some of you readers may be well aware of the fantastic effects that make-up can have, not just on your physical appearance but also on your self-esteem.

They wear it for dates and events, and some even go as far as applying it daily. It has even come to the point that make-up companies have gotten wind of this and have taken their research and development team to create make-up products that are more catered to men.

However, not all are well versed in the correct ways of using make-up appropriate for men. Today, we will talk about the basics, and necessities men need to know about make-up.

The best place to begin is the face. Please do not be too intimidated, as we are not looking to get you on the same level as Vogue models, in which there are layers and techniques to account for. For men, you’ll generally only need a simple make-up routine.

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Antonio Velez
Photo courtesy of ©Antonio Velez for MMSCENE

The Base For Your Face

We start first with a primer. This is not necessarily a required step, but it is best to accustom yourself to using it. A primer’s main purpose is to help the other products to stay longer on your face, even in harsh weather. Some have even gone so far as to apply only to achieve that no make-up look but still looking fresher. They also come in silicone-based and water-based whether you want smoother skin or a more lightweight option.

The Foundation Is Life

The bulk of the work still falls under the foundation: a classic make-up product but still a necessity even for men.

There is a quick thing to note before getting to the nitty-gritty of picking the foundation for you. It is best to keep in mind that it is scientifically proven that men have thicker skin and larger pores than women. Make sure also to consider that what you are getting is a foundation suitable for larger pores.

There are many types of foundation out there, with each one suited for specific use as a powder foundation is for those with oily skin while a cream foundation is for those with dry skin. Each one also has a different coverage like serum foundations have a more light to medium coverage while mousse foundation leans towards a medium to full coverage. The foundation finish is also one thing that you need to understand and decide. They vary from a matte finish, where there is a lack of shine and more opaque, and a dewy finish, where your skin looks moisturized and glossy.

Then there is the color of the foundation, which is determined by many outside factors like your skin undertone, skin type, and even the season you are wearing it. After all, the most significant point of a foundation is to make your natural skin color look more alive and youthful.

So carefully take your time to find the right combination for the look you want and become the dashing center of attention on every occasion.

The Eyes Don’t Deceive

Something that men often forget is the power that their eyes can have. A gaze from beautiful eyes can make all the difference.

One of the ways to help achieve this gaze is with the brow definer. Every man has different eyebrows that sometimes do not even naturally look the same. However, this can easily be fixed with the brow definer to get those eyebrows looking even and smooth and go the direction you want it to define the gaze better you are going for (be it the fierce look or the friendly, trustworthy look).

There is another way to help make your eyes beautiful, but not many men can pull this off: the guyliner. It only ever works well if you have got the facial features for them. Think of actors like Johnny Depp and Jared Leto and musicians like David Bowie, Brandon Flowers, and Gerard Way. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying it out and seeing for yourself if you like what you see, and you can join the ranks of people who can pull this off.

Antonio Velez
Photo courtesy of ©Antonio Velez for MMSCENE

A Quick Pick On The Lips

Men have not gone down the road of using lipsticks as much as other kinds of make-up. They are still stuck in reserve for actors and specific fashion statements like black lipsticks. There has been a start already to change that, but it is still debatable whether this will catch on.

In general, most men still find it comfortable to have natural lips. However, it is still best to give them some emphasis with a certain product. We are, of course, talking about the lip balm. No one can argue that dry lips are appealing. A simple lip balm application solves this by moisturizing your lips while still keeping that natural look.

Life Hacks

Let us presume that you just cannot be bothered with all the difficulties of choosing a foundation with all its varieties and such. The good news for you, there is a compromise for this that is more easily convenient to obtain and choose than the foundation and less time to apply. That is the magic that BB and CC creams can provide. They are technically a 2-in-1 product. Not only do they serve as make-up to cover blemishes, sallowness, and age spots, but they also work as moisturizers to keep your face looking fresh and youthful. However, it must be noted that they only provide light coverage and will not take care of significant scars and blemishes that foundations can.

Finally, we go full circle to, again, maybe the first make-up that most men have used. The concealer pretty much explains it all with its name. It is one of, if not the best, and most crucial make-up to have in your arsenal as it can pretty much conceal anything and everything you wish to hide from dark circles under your eyes after an all-night work or drinking to the classic zit. This thick formula will do the trick. It is better as a combination to use with a foundation to get even more perfect and balanced skin, but it is possible to use it by itself. However, this takes practice and the right type and color of concealer because, if you’re not careful, your skin can end up looking unnatural, uneven, or even become so opaque that everyone will notice that you are wearing a concealer.

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