#BEAUTY & GROOMING: How To Minimise Cuts When Shaving

In this article, we will discuss ways to help you minimize cuts when shaving and take care of your skin from any irritation:

When Shaving
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Razor cuts are one of the most common problems faced by men around the world. Cutting yourself while shaving can be painful and frustrating. Cutting your razor in too deep can cause cuts that are often painful.

However, there are several ways to reduce the chances of cutting yourself when shaving. Shaving can be a smooth and easy experience if you practice safe shaving techniques, ensure good skincare, and regularly replace your razors and blades. 

In this article, we will discuss ways to help you minimize cuts when shaving. 

  • Check For cuts Before Shaving

For those of you who find that their razor tends to cut your skin often, it may be advisable to check for cuts before you shave. It is very common for a man to cut himself when shaving because he may not be paying attention to how he is cutting his skin. By checking for cuts before you shave, you can avoid pain and cuts. 

  • Choose An Appropriate Razor

For a perfect shave, it’s important to ensure that you’re using a razor that suits your needs. With a variety of options in the market, choosing the right razor can be overwhelming. You may start by doing a bit of research. Various beauty sites contain information that can help you find the best shavers in the market. 

Since shaving your face can result in skin irritation that ranges from minor rashes to red-skinned bumps, it’s important to choose the right razor for shaving your face. While buying a razor, make sure to consider your skin type and your beard style.

When choosing a razor, it’s important to know the type of blade you use. Blades come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights. Most are designed for men’s facial hair but there are some that are designed for women. Each type of razor will be suited for certain kinds of skin and each kind of blade will work better for a particular type of skin. Therefore, it’s important to learn which type of razor works best for your skin and what the recommended weight of the blade is.

#BEAUTY & GROOMING How To Minimise Cuts When Shaving
Photo ©Jose Espaillat for MMSCENE
  • Take A Hot Shower Before You Shave

Since hot water tends to soften the skin, taking a hot water shower before you shave will ensure that you have soft skin. Staying in a hot shower for a few minutes will ensure that the oils clogging your pores and the dead skin has been removed. This will ensure that your razorblade isn’t clogged with dead skin. 

However, make sure not to stay in the shower for longer than 10 to 15 minutes as that can wrinkle up your skin, making it difficult to get a smooth shave. If you’re shaving just your face, you can simply splash some warm water a few times to soften the skin on your face. 

  • Exfoliate Your Skin

The easiest way to exfoliate your skin before shaving is to use a loofah, a bristled brush, or an exfoliating scrub. Skin exfoliation is important because it gets rid of dead skin cells and oil. You may also use a good quality exfoliant before you shave. There are several good exfoliants on the market that can give you great results without causing too much irritation. This canprotect your skin from losing essential oils and nutrients. Good quality exfoliants may include salicylic acid, essential oils, and hydrating ingredients needed to restore your skin’s moisture. 

Using a gentle exfoliator will tackle the rough patches on your face. This enables the razor to glide across your face smoothly, without causing any nicks. 

  • Choose an Appropriate Shaving Cream

For those of you using the traditional safety razors, dry shaving is one of the most common reasons for accidental cuts. You’re likely to cut yourself without the use of shaving cream. However, using a shaving cream that’s harsh on your skin can create havoc for your face. From excessively drying your skin to ripping it off its natural oils, the wrong shaving cream can do more damage than good. 

That’s why it’s important to choose a shaving cream that suits your skin type. The right type will leave your face feeling smooth, soft, and free of any irritation after each shave. To find the right type of shaving cream, all you must do is to explore the vast array of shaving products that are available.

  • Shaving Correctly

Safety razors are often used since they prevent ingrown hair and skin irritation. However, using them requires practice and patience. While using a traditional razor, make sure to take your time to shave, paying attention to the strokes. As hurried stroke movements often lead to nicks and cuts. 

While shaving, make sure that the strokes are slow and the pressure applied is light. Also, ensure that your razor blades are sharp since dull razor blades are likely to cause more cuts. A dull razor blade will tug at your skin, thus pulling the hair instead of cutting it. This leads to nicks and cuts. Make sure that your razor is free of moisture and rust before you shave as this can cause bacterial infection. 

#BEAUTY & GROOMING How To Minimise Cuts When Shaving
Photo ©Jose Espaillat for MMSCENE

Taking Care Of Your Skin After Shaving

To ensure that your skin is hydrated, make sure to splash your face with cool water. Dab your face with a fresh towel to dry your skin. Make sure not to rub the towel on your face as this leads to skin irritation and redness. If you’re prone to cuts, opt for an aftershave balm. With several options available in the market, you may opt for gels if you have oily skin or hydrating lotions if you have normal to dry skin. Finally, make sure to clean and store your razors properly and store them appropriately so that they don’t rust and have a longer life span. 


While shaving may be an essential grooming step for men, nicks, and cuts while shaving is almost inevitable. However, to minimize shaving cuts, there are several things that you can do. 

You may prep your skin before shaving by taking a hot water shower and exfoliating it. By shaving correctly using slow, short strokes, you can avoid nicks and cuts. Make sure to hydrate your skin after you finish shaving and clean and store your razor appropriately. 

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