Android by Simone Lorusso for Male Model Scene

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Photographer Simone Lorusso captures Android story exclusively for Male Model Scene editorials with styling from Giustina Guerrieri & Gianluigi Melillo while the stars of the session are models Stanislaw Bielawa & Frederico Ventura from Independent Men Milano. Grooming courtesy of Amedeo Marcolungo, assistant Alessandra Guerrieri.

Styling features up and coming Milan based design brand LABEL 2 mixed with pieces from American Apparel, ASOSGianluigi Melillo, and Nike among other.

Photographer Assistant & videographer Clara Melchiorre.

Simone-Lorusso-MMSCENE-02 Simone-Lorusso-MMSCENE-03 Simone-Lorusso-MMSCENE-04 Simone-Lorusso-MMSCENE-05 Simone-Lorusso-MMSCENE-06 Simone-Lorusso-MMSCENE-07 Simone-Lorusso-MMSCENE-08