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Barry Keoghan is the Cover Star of GQ Magazine February 2023 Issue

Barry Keoghan talks abiut friendship, loneliness, and fatherhood

Barry Koeghan
Barry Keoghan covers GQ Magazine, photography by Jason Nocito

Irish actor Barry Keoghan takes the cover story of GQ Magazine‘s February 2023 edition lensed by fashion photographer Jason Nocito. In charge of styling was Taylor McNeill, with set design from Rosie Turnbull, and production by Hen’s Tooth Productions. Beauty is work of hair stylist Tomo Jidai using Oribe, and makeup artist Charlotte Willer at Home Agency.

Keoghan discusses various aspects of his life in a candid interview with culture editor Alex Pappademas. The interview touches on Keoghan’s experiences living in Los Angeles, his close bond with Jacob Elordi from “Saltburn,” the loneliness that fame brings, reflections on his late mother, meeting his hero Leonardo DiCaprio, and the profound impact of fatherhood.

Barry Koeghan
Photography © Jason Nocito for GQ Magazine

Keoghan expresses the importance of being on the cover of GQ, revealing that it was a goal he had written on his to-do list. Addressing his apparent flirtation with co-star Jacob Elordi, Keoghan emphasizes their genuine friendship beyond the screen, highlighting the comfort and closeness that arises when working together.

The interview explores the loneliness accompanying Keoghan’s fame, particularly during moments like walking the red carpet in New York. He opens up about the impact of his late mother’s absence, especially during significant achievements, and recalls her battle with addiction.

Keoghan shares his admiration for Leonardo DiCaprio, recounting a personal connection to DiCaprio’s performance in “Basketball Diaries” due to parallels with his own upbringing. The interview concludes with Keoghan joyfully discussing the birth of his son, Brando, during the filming of “Saltburn.” He reflects on the simultaneous challenges and blessings of fatherhood, noting the immense pressure and overwhelming joy his son brings into his life.

Photography © Jason Nocito for GQ Magazine,

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