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Intermediate States for V Man March 2018 by Zoltan Tombor

Zoltan Tombor

Discover the new newest editorial shot for V Man by See Management‘s artists – A beaming display of futuristically neutral materials take over the ‘Intermediate States’ installation at Brooklyn’s very own Wentrcek / Zebulon Studio.

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Photographer: Zoltan Tombor at See Management
Fashion Stylist: Romina Herrera Malatesta at See Management
Makeup Artist: Deanna Melluso  at See Management
Hair Stylist: Leonardo Manetti at See Management
Casting Director: Ricky Michiels
Photo Assistant: Brian Schutza
First Stylist Assistant: Kristina Hamner
Second Stylist Assistants: Haley Wells, Bridgette Denise, and Basil Hylton
Produced by Hannah Huffman
Models: Ariel Rosa, Bakay Diaby, Joao Knorr, and Jun Kim Sung

MMSCENE PORTRAITS: Aaron Thornton by Raul Romo

Central station: James Parker for MMSCENE Magazine #21 Issue