Mihaly Martins by Franck Glenisson for Wild Magazine

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Mihaly Martins

Top model Mihaly Martins join forces with photographer Franck Glenisson for Wild Magazine's latest edition.

"Well, you would think I’d say a big campaign shooting with well-known photographers and supermodels. That’s all nice, but it felt empty…What’s really striking for me was the day I realized I could be doing so much more if I faced this opportunity in a more conscious way. Especially being in a privileged situation where I have access to special people and special places. I thought that I could actually use this for something good! So, that was when I created Vão Vive—a project that encourages people to live positively and care for others in need. This project changed my life, my career, and the way I face goals and obstacles." – Mihaly Martins about the most striking moments in his fashion career. (read the rest of interview by Emily Kirkpatrick on thewildmagazine.com)

MihalyMartins MihalyMartins MihalyMartins MihalyMartins MihalyMartins

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