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Nemanja by Michelangelo L. Cecilia for Male Model Scene


Fresh faced Nemanja Calic teamed up with photographer Michelangelo L. Cecilia on a spring day both hitting the streets of Belgrade for these striking photos. Nemanja is already placed by AIM Model Management in New York, while his mother agency is AK Models. 

Styling by fashion editor Zarko Davinic who used pieces from Kenzo, GAS, ZARA, Nike, Levi's, and Lanvin among other.

Nemanja-Michelangelo-L-Cecilia-02 Nemanja-Michelangelo-L-Cecilia-03 Nemanja-Michelangelo-L-Cecilia-04 Nemanja-Michelangelo-L-Cecilia-05 Nemanja-Michelangelo-L-Cecilia-06 Nemanja-Michelangelo-L-Cecilia-07 Nemanja-Michelangelo-L-Cecilia-08 Nemanja-Michelangelo-L-Cecilia-09 Nemanja-Michelangelo-L-Cecilia-10 Nemanja-Michelangelo-L-Cecilia-11 Nemanja-Michelangelo-L-Cecilia-12

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