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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Claudio Breitscheidel

In this exclusive interview, Claudio shares insights into his modeling career beginnings, social media influence, early connections to nature and sports, and more

In this exclusive MMSCENE interview, Claudio Breitscheidel shares insights into his life, discussing everything from his deep-seated love for the outdoors to his thoughtful navigation of the complexities of fashion industry. His journey started from humble beginnings to international acclaim in the modeling industry. Born in southern Germany, Claudio’s early connection to nature and sports shaped much of his character—values of freedom, discipline, and respect that he carries into his life today. His digital presence began with Instagram, where he started sharing his adventures and creative endeavors, gradually building a platform that resonated with thousands. Claudio’s entrance into modeling was a spontaneous decision while on a routine run, which catapulted him into the fashion week spotlights and opened doors to a world of opportunities. 


For this session, photographer duo Dicker & Dane, with Lampost, capture and style Claudio, represented by Kult Models. Hair and makeup is done by Innes Oosthuizen, with the shoot taking place in Cape Town, South Africa. Claudio is wearing selected pieces from Stiebeuel, Supreme, Celine, Rethread, Brandy Melville, CDLP, Calvin Klein, and Sandro.

Swimming Briefs CDLP / Photography © Dicker & Dane for MMSCENE
Underwear CALVIN KLEIN / Photography © Dicker & Dane for MMSCENE

Can you share some insights into your early life and background?
My background really starts with my parents’ bold decision to move to Germany for a better future. My dad persuaded my mom to leave Poland and start anew in Germany, dreaming of the opportunities it could bring. Although starting over in a new country presented its challenges, my parents were incredibly persistent. They worked double shifts and showed immense dedication to ensure I had a good childhood, something I deeply appreciate.
I’ve always felt a natural connection to the outdoors, having been born and raised near a beautiful river and forest in southern Germany. This connection to nature was an integral part of my life from the very beginning. Growing up, I was quite energetic, always exploring various sports, which kept me active and engaged.
As I grew older, I recognized that freedom, discipline, and respect were fundamental values to me, values that have been reflected in both my personal and professional life. Alongside this, my love for creating and sharing content began early too, particularly when Instagram was just starting out. Engaging with people online and sharing parts of my life became not just a hobby, but a passion.

What initially drew you to modeling, and was it always a career you had envisioned for yourself?
Modeling wasn’t always on my radar as a career; it was something that unfolded naturally for me. 
As I began producing more content and taking my fitness more seriously, I found myself more comfortable in front of the camera, sharing my journey on social media. My entry into the modeling world happened by chance. One day, while running on a treadmill, I saw a commercial for a modeling agency and decided to go on a whim to apply. Because why not? To my surprise, they signed me and quickly landed me my first job at Fashion Week, which was an incredible experience.
I fell in love with modelling almost instantly—the dynamic environment of working in front of the camera, the thrill of meeting new people, and the opportunities to travel and explore different places. It opened up a whole new world for me, one that was exciting and constantly evolving.

Trousers SANDRO / Photography © Dicker & Dane for MMSCENE
Crop top STIEBEUEL / Photography © Dicker & Dane for MMSCENE

How would you define your own style in fashion? Do you have any influences or inspirations that shaped it?
My style can best be described as contemporary with a modern touch, leaning towards pieces that are both loose and comfortable, yet aesthetically modern chic. 
I particularly enjoy the thrill of thrift shopping, where I often find rare pieces that add a unique flair to my wardrobe. This approach allows me to blend unexpected finds with my current attire, creating a reflection of my personal tastes. I appreciate fashion that feels good to wear and stands out, marrying comfort with a sharp, modern chicness.

Throughout your career, has there been a specific event that stood out as meaningful or transformative for you?
Certainly, one of the most transformative events in my career involved using my platform for a greater cause. Last year, when I ran a marathon in my hometown of Munich, I collaborated with brands I’ve worked with to turn each kilometer into an opportunity for charity. We arranged for donations to be made for every kilometer I ran, with all proceeds going directly to children in need. This initiative not only gave a deeper purpose to the marathon but also highlighted the potential of my platform to drive significant, positive change.

Crop top STIEBEUEL, Underwear CALVIN KLEIN / Photography © Dicker & Dane for MMSCENE
Crop top STIEBEUEL, Underwear CALVIN KLEIN / Photography © Dicker & Dane for MMSCENE

What is the most impactful piece of advice you’ve received about the modeling industry?
The most impactful piece of advice I’ve received about the modeling industry is simple yet profound: “It’s not personal.” This industry can appear very superficial, and ultimately, it operates on a business level. It’s easy to let the inherent pressures—like constant comparisons, the risk of eating disorders, and intense social expectations—affect your mental health. Recognizing this early on helped me understand the importance of knowing my worth and staying true to myself. Embracing who I am and enjoying what I do, regardless of external pressures, has been essential in navigating the industry while maintaining my well-being and integrity.

With a notable following on various social media platforms, how do you handle the challenges that come with that?
What I appreciate the most about social media is the opportunity it gives me to make a positive impact. I stand for authenticity, discipline, and a fulfilling life, and I believe everyone deserves these qualities. Together, we uplift each other and extend our influence beyond just interaction—organizing charity events, for example. This allows me to give back in meaningful ways and demonstrates how we can use our online presence for good.

Photography © Dicker & Dane for MMSCENE
Trousers SANDRO / Photography © Dicker & Dane for MMSCENE

Aside from your professional life, what hobbies or interests do you pursue in your spare time?
In my spare time, I like to say I escape from one jungle to another. Swapping the digital forest of social media for the serene embrace of nature is my way of recharging. 
You might catch me zooming downhill on a bike in the mountains, which is as exhilarating as it sounds and occasionally just as muddy. Fitness is a big part of my life—whether I’m in the gym, lacing up my running shoes, or throwing punches in the boxing ring. 
It’s essential for keeping me mentally resilient and energized

Looking ahead, what are some of the aspirations and goals you aim to achieve in the next few years? How do you see your career and personal life evolving?
Looking ahead, my main aspiration is to continue evolving into the best version of myself while spreading positive empowerment and advocating for a healthy lifestyle. I believe strongly that everyone has the right to live a good life, and through my work, I hope to inspire others to embrace this philosophy.

Photography © Dicker & Dane for MMSCENE
Underwear CELINE / Photography © Dicker & Dane for MMSCENE

Photography & Styling – by Dicker & Dane with Lampost @dickeranddane @armanddicker @antdane @lampostcreative
Makeup & Hair – Innes Oosthuizen @innesmua
Model – Claudio Breitscheidel from Kult Models @claudiobreitscheidel @kultsouthafrica
Shot in Cape Town South Africa

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