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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Denis Jovanovic

Photographed by Marko Toskovic, Denis Jovanovic talks about his beginnings, career highlights, importance of family and more

Interview with Denis Jovanovic

In this exclusive interview for MMSCENE, Denis Jovanovic shares his journey into the fashion industry, marked by unexpected opportunities and breaking stereotypes. At the age of 14, Denis was scouted for modeling through Facebook, an event that paved his path in ways he had never imagined. Coming from a small town in Serbia, his solo journey to Belgrade, fueled by ambition and a hint of naivety, marked the beginning of a transformative career that would see him collaborating with some of the global fashion giants like Dolce & Gabbana and Stone Island. Beyond the fashion industry, Denis’s journey is one of discipline and resilience learned from kickboxing, which helped him balance the physical and aesthetic demands of his dual passions. Moreover, his adventurous spirit and love for extreme sports have shaped his approach to life and work, encouraging a mindset that embraces challenges and lives in the moment. 


For this photo session, Denis is captured by photographer Marko Toskovic at Tank Agency Milano. Makeup and styling is done by Studio Milano. Denis is wearing selected pieces from Diesel, Burberry, Lakers, Versace, Off White, Boglioli, Polo Ralph Lauren, Boss, Nanushka, and Zara.

Interview with Denis Jovanovic
Full look DIESEL, Glasses BURBERRY / photography © Marko Toskovic for MMSCENE

You were scouted for modelling at the age of 14 via Facebook. Can you take us through that moment and how it has influenced your path in the fashion industry?
I was posting pictures like any other teenager did at the time, I got some likes and my friends referred me for a Facebook photo contest that I won. A casting director saw me and I got invited for a casting for a chocolate TV commercial. I come from a small town in Serbia where majority of the people live a very humble life and being a model is not really seen as a noble job but I wanted to break that boundary and set new standards of what being successful is.
So, when I told my family and friends that I got invited, they became super suspicious about the offer but decided to try, even though everyone told me it’s a scam and that they would never take someone like me. Since my father died, I was living with mom, who was taking care of my younger brother and new born sister. I had no one to escort me, so I needed to go alone. I took a bus and went there, it was about 4 hours from my hometown to Belgrade.
As a 14-year-old, I arrived scared because I heard a lot of stories about kidnapping.
I knocked on the door and ran away so I could check from far and see who is going to open. I saw that it was a real studio with nice people. I went in, gave it my best and got the commercial. Everything since then happened super fast and here I am today.

Having collaborated with iconic fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Moschino etc. What have been some of the most memorable moments or lessons learned from these experiences?
There are a few very special moments for me.
My first commercial, because at that moment I did something everyone told me I couldn’t. I was all over Tv, and on billboards all over the Balkans. It was my first modelling job, and I bought gifts for my family and myself, so at the time, it was a dream came true.
Second important moment was my first serious global campaign for Stone Island. Seeing your face from LA to Tokyo was a super nice feeling.
And then a few years later, I did a campaign for one of the biggest names in fashion – Dolce and Gabbana.
Those were the truly happy moments, times when I said to myself – you did it, man.

Interview with Denis Jovanovic
Full look DIESEL, Glasses BURBERRY / photography © Marko Toskovic for MMSCENE
Interview with Denis Jovanovic
Leather pants NANUSHKA, Leather gilet ZARA LIMITED, Shoes DIESEL / photography © Marko Toskovic for MMSCENE

You’ve successfully competed in kickboxing outside of your modelling career. How do you balance the physical demands and discipline of kickboxing with the aesthetic and creative demands of modelling?
Learning how to kickbox really helped me to be more disciplined and responsible. I maintain a structured schedule that allocates specific time slots for both kickbox training and modelling commitments. This ensures that I dedicate sufficient time to each pursuit without one overlapping the other.
Having a more balanced diet and adequate rest is so important when it comes to maintaining a healthy physique for modelling and having a more optimised performance to compete in kickboxing. With the help of my trainer, I follow a balanced diet that’s tailored to make sure I get the right nutritional needs for both kickboxing and modelling and also prioritize sufficient rest to prevent burnout or even injury.

As a fan of adrenaline and extreme sports, how do these interests impact your approach to life and work?
I love to tackle all sorts of challenges, whether it’s diving with sharks or sky diving. This mindset translates into my approach to life, where I view challenges at work or life in general as opportunities for growth and learning rather than obstacles to be avoided.
I am a massive adrenaline junkie. Life without it would be boring and I try to avoid living a boring life. Saying that, adrenaline activities that I have done like swimming with stingrays or even sky diving often require full immersion in the present moment, focusing solely on the task at hand. This mindset translates into my approach to life, where I strive to live in the moment, embracing experiences fully and appreciating the richness of each moment.

Interview with Denis Jovanovic
T-shirt LAKERS 23, Shorts DIESEL, Underwear VERSACE, Sneakers OFF WHITE / photography © Marko Toskovic for MMSCENE
Interview with Denis Jovanovic
T-shirt LAKERS 23, Shorts DIESEL, Underwear VERSACE, Sneakers OFF WHITE / photography © Marko Toskovic for MMSCENE

Holding a degree in Economics is quite an accomplishment. How has your academic background benefited you in the modelling industry and in managing your career?
I come from a family where school is very important. My mother’s condition was that I can pursue a modelling career and travel ONLY if I can keep up with school and complete it. I did it and graduated, and I am very thankful for having the opportunity to experience this. I think education is so important and I thank my mother for encouraging me to get a degree first, before focusing on modelling.
It has definitely enabled me to make informed decisions about my career path.

Traveling seems to be a significant part of your life. How has experiencing different cultures and meeting new people around the world influenced your perspective on fashion and personal style?
I think that traveling is the best way to learn and widen your knowledge. I’m so glad I have this opportunity, as it helped me to travel and meet new people. It helped me to see that the world is such a beautiful place with many different cultures. I’ve definitely became so much more open and understanding. I see the impact different cultures have made in the fashion industry, from clothing, set designs to shows. It’s very inspiring to see different cultures being celebrated in such a positive way and spreading that message worldwide.

Green suit BOGLIOLI, Pink shirt POLO RALPH LAUREN, Tie BOSS / photography © Marko Toskovic for MMSCENE
Green suit BOGLIOLI, Pink shirt POLO RALPH LAUREN, Tie BOSS / photography © Marko Toskovic for MMSCENE

Speaking of style, how would you describe your personal style off the runway? How does it reflect your personality and interests?
I like to keep it simple. For me, less is more. I feel the best when I’m not overdressed. I’m kind of always late, so I always have like 5-15 minutes (max) to get ready and get out. Guys, one thing you can never get wrong is a leather jacket, white t-shirt, black jeans with white or black sneakers. Also, sunglasses.

Is there a particular fashion house or designer you dream of working with in the future? What attracts you to their work?
I just had my US visa approved and I’m getting ready to explore that market. There are a lot of houses and designers that I really respect and I would like to work with, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to meet them. It’s going to be something new, so let’s see how it’s going to be. I’m ready for new collaborations and looking forward for them!

T-Shirt PERSONAL / photography © Marko Toskovic for MMSCENE
photography © Marko Toskovic for MMSCENE

When not in front of the camera or on the runway, how do you like to spend your time? Can you share a favourite way to unwind with family and friends?
When I have some free time (that is not very often) the first thing I do is buy a ticket home to Serbia (Belgrade) to see my family or go on a holiday with family or friends. All my free time I spend somewhere nice or just in my town, chilling, eating, going for a walk, laughing but ultimately making memories. My family and friends are most important to me, so I really try to make it the best time when I’m with them.

With an already impressive career at a young age, where do you see yourself going next in both your modelling career and your personal endeavours? Are there new challenges or fields you wish to explore?
Even though I’ve been modelling for quite some time now, I aim to continue expanding my career. I’m very proud of everything I’ve done and how far I’ve come, but I have a feeling it’s just the beginning. I mainly try to live in the moment rather than looking in the future.
I love the person it has shaped me to become and I’m ready for what’s next.

photography © Marko Toskovic for MMSCENE
Leather pants NANUSHKA, Leather gilet ZARA LIMITED, Shoes DIESEL / photography © Marko Toskovic for MMSCENE

Photographer – Marko Toskovic @markotoskovic
Model – Denis Jovanovic @denisjovanovich
MUA & Styling – Studio Milano
Tank Agency Milano @tankagency_


  1. I took a moment to read the interview I truly am shocked as how young models used to start working less than 10 years ago this is crazy like for so many years the modeling in the industry never thought about how this young people should not start working so young Dennis started his career at 14 this is just insane 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  2. Super strong personality,love it.
    We need models who can also say something, and give something more.. Amazing Denis

    • Yessss and Wow!!! Denis Jovanovic’s story is straight-up awesome. From being a random teen in Serbia to crushing it with fashion bigwigs like Dolce & Gabbana and Stone Island, all because he got spotted on Facebook! It’s wild to think a little bit of guts and a bus ride to Belgrade could kickstart such a crazy adventure. 🌟

      Love how he’s not just about that model life either. Dude balances modeling with kickboxing—yeah, punchin’ and posing! He keeps fit, stays sharp, and clearly knows how to hustle both in the gym and on the runway.

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