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Today interior design of our home also serves as a great outlet to our own happiness, in a research conducted by Interior Design magazine a well decorated living space is making more than 68% people happy.

Photography by ©Ryan Garvin courtesy of Robeson Design

After a long stressful day most of us prefer to sit and watch TV or Netflix in our living room slouched in a comfortable sofa. Nothing better than forgetting all the stress while binging on all of your favourite shows! However as much as our leisure time keeps us happy so does the space we spend our free time in.

When it comes to interior design, TV still remains the centerpiece of our homes, so no matter if the TV is hanging on our wall a TV cabinet is quite often an ‘attached’ piece of furniture. Therefore your living space can be shaped into a beautiful as well as stylish surrounding, making you enjoy the time you spend relaxing on your own or entertaining guests and friends. Completing your home design comes down to a well selected TV cabinet for living room at Urban Ladder which is no doubt to brighten up your living space.

Scroll down for a few more living room design tips:

Nowadays fashion as well as design, the style sense of our every day living has changed massively. Therefore by that, the taste demand of people has changed tremendeously and they have certain demands, a bigger demand for unique and fashionable pieces. A TV set has changed it’s shape as well, massive screen sizes have also influenced the manner we design our own homes.

Therefore, the television set itself became a very fashionable as well as modernized item. We selected a few ways to incorporate the TV in a fresh and contemporary manner into your living space:


The first and most important thing we should keep in mind is the fact the cabinet should be kept in the living room, therefore it must be compact and well adjusted to the space. Square shaped cabinet with two small shelves at its both ends where one can use that shelf by keeping books also and the TV in the middle, is also broader and a LED/LCD TV with a built in stand can also fit easily.

Photography by ©Ryan Garvin courtesy of Robeson Design

Other than a standing cabinet you can also use floating cabinet for a TV set. Which can be designed perfectly without any stand in it. The piece will be attached from the wall directly, due to this effect this is known as floating cabinet.

Another stylish and trendy furniture piece is an oval shaped cabinet which will no doubt look like a big oval-shaped egg. The bottom of that cabinet a thin wooden block should be kept from one broader end of it to another end where the TV can be kept.

Low cabinet is another trendy look of the moment which is just attached to the floor, the height of it is not too big and it is a rectangular shaped fashionable cabinet which is usually made of the walnut wooden material. If you prefer to sit on a couch and watch TV nothing can be better than this, it is also the trendiest look right now as well. No doubt, hiding the messy cables is pivotal, therefore obviously the cable management is the main factor it should be perfectly organized.


The final trendy look is a corner L-shaped look cabinet which is the most convenient design from all of these. mostly it has three horizontal shelves where at the top you can decorate with showpieces and the middle of it which is broader in length as well as in breadth where you can keep the TV and the down most shelf you can use to keep your books or music player.


Many of us have ousted the TV from the living room, however for some of us the TV remained in the bedroom. Various forms of TV cabinets can be used in the bedroom as well. However, TV in the bedroom is often part of a hidden closet space, or simply hangs on the wall. A more spacious living room is to allow you tying in the television set with a cabinet or a small shelf.

Photography by ©Ryan Garvin courtesy of Robeson Design

Finally, you are the one who is to spend the most time in your living room so make sure its a comfortable and enjoyable at the same time.

All images from a Loft-Style Condo in Denver by Robeson Design, now on our ARCHISCENE online magazine interior and architecture page.

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