How To Use Your Clothing Choice To Dress Better For Your Body Type

We might be in an age where there is all sorts of commotion about the latest diet trends, but today’s article is going to talk about a different way to look slimmer. Unfortunately, the scales are not going to change, but other people’s perceptions of your appearance might do.

That’s right, with a few neat fashion tricks you really can make yourself look thinner than what the scales are telling you. Through the course of today’s article, we will take a look at some of the best ways you can do this.

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It starts with the feet

When you embark on your hunt for new clothing on the high street or through an online retailer like Reiss, always make sure that you start with your feet. At this point you might ask just how your feet can have any sort of impact on your waistline, but trust us, they do.

If you can turn to skinny heels and pointy toes, you’ll make a monumental difference to your “perceived weight”. This is something that can extend the silhouette of your calves, and make your legs look a lot slimmer in the process. If you were instead to turn to something with a squarer shape, it’s going to have exactly the opposite effect.

Your jewellery choices can make a monumental difference

Next on the list is jewellery. This is something that you can really use to a strategic advantage, and base it around your own body shape.

For example, if you have a fairly short neck which you think can look a little plump, turn to a long necklace. This will make your neck look longer, and obviously a little thinner.

Another example if your upper arms. If you have arms which you would rather not draw attention to, acquire some bangles to bring others’ eyes to your wrists. Small hacks like this can make the world of difference, merely by tricking the eye.

The jacket-effect

Sure, this next trick isn’t going to work in the middle of summer, but as soon as the temperature drops don’t think twice about putting a jacket over your jeans. This is something that can effectively hide your curves, whilst still looking completely natural. To maximize the effect, make sure your jacket is left open.

Be wary with your material choices

Finally, it might not come down to the type of garments that you are wearing, but more what they are made of.

For example, if you were to turn to flat materials, with cotton and denim being prime examples, these are fabrics that don’t add any volume to your appearance. In other words, they are a very good choice.

However, if you were to then go to even softer fabrics, like cashmere, the effect is multiplied. Of course, this can be more expensive, but it’s worth taking into account nonetheless.

So, what doesn’t work? Anything bulky is out of the question. By this we mean things like leather and suede – which should be avoided like the plague if you are looking to dress slim.

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