Can Men Rise Above Their Genetics in Order to Achieve the Body of their Dreams?

If you are keen to lose a few extra kilos, it is a good idea to examine the different types of bodies before dispelling with a handful of common myths.

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One of the criticisms which has been associated with the male fashion industry involves the notion of an “ideal” body type. Some individuals have criticized designers for using male body types which are hardly indicative of real-world consumers. However, this observation is certainly nothing new. As social awareness and the body-conscious mindset continues to gain ground, we may soon begin to witness more “everyday” body types upon the runway. There is nonetheless another important point to mention.


We need to remember that both male and female models spend untold hours in the gym. They are committed to fitness classes throughout the week and their dietary requirements are extremely specific. To put it simply, even those with an extremely fast metabolism will have to remain disciplined if they hope to boast an aesthetic frame. Could you accomplish this very same dream? If you are keen to lose a few extra kilos, it is a good idea to examine the different types of bodies before dispelling with a handful of common myths.

Jon Wong
Photo ©Jon Wong for MMSCENE

The Male Body in Closer Detail

In terms of body types, both genders tend to fall within one of three categories:

  • Endomorphic
  • Mesomorphic
  • Ectomorphic

Endomorphs tend to have larger bones and a round body structure. Many are also associated with a slower metabolism. Thus, it tends to be much easier to gain weight. However, the main point here is that this type of frame is heavily influenced by genetics. If one or both of your parents are endomorphs, you are quite likely to develop this very same frame as you age.

Mesomorphs are often considered to represent the “ideal” body type within the fitness sector. Mesomorphs naturally hold more muscle and it is normally easy for them to gain lean mass. Although they also may be prone to putting on fat, dieting is not nearly as much of a problem when compared to endomorphs.

As you may have guessed, ectomorphs represent the other end of the proverbial spectrum. Those with an ectomorphic body type find it extremely difficult to gain weight. They may display few curves and they can become overly conscious about a “bony” body frame. Some female models have been associated with this body type in the past. It is important to note that the majority of ectomorphs are not starving themselves nor should they be classified as anorexic. They are simply capable of digesting calories at an extremely fast rate.

The Reality of Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Which category resonates the most with your body type? Regardless of your metabolism or you current appearance, the fact of the matter is that it is always possible to make profound changes if you possess a sense of commitment. What steps can you take?

First, be sure to have a clear vision in mind. Are you looking to boast a rock-hard set abdominals at the beach? Do you wish to purchase the latest line of cutting-edge siksilk mens garments? As many of these youthful ensembles are customized based upon what you hope to accentuate, be sure to make a list of goals that you want to achieve.

Assuming that a game plan is in place, develop a workout routine and stick to it. However, we should also point out that diet can make or break even the most stringent of exercise routines. If you work extremely hard while at the gym and subsequently consume 2,000 empty calories, do not expect to witness results any time soon. This brings us to the final section of our article.

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Set Achievable Goals

Let’s assume for a moment that you are a natural endomorph. In this case, you might not ever be able to mirror the appearance of Brad Pitt when he starred in Fight Club. In the same respect, it can be quite tough for ectomorphs to gain a great deal of muscle within a short period of time. The mantra here is that it is impossible to deny our reverse our genetic predispositions. However, they can indeed be modified to an extent.

There is no doubt that society often judges us based off of physical appearances alone. Although this is not the ideal scenario, it nonetheless occurs more often than we would prefer. This is why taking charge of your health and fitness is one of the best ways to boost your self-confidence while achieving lofty goals. Of course, exercising on a regular basis is an excellent way to avoid potentially serious health issues in the future.

The next time you view a male model, remember that these professionals put a great deal of hard work into their bodies. You can still rise above personal expectations and limitations by following the advice mentioned above.

Images by Jon Wong for MMSCENE.

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