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WEEK ON IG: Conan Gray, Xavier Serrano, Sasha Trautvein…

Best of last week’s instagram moments from guys you should already be following on the socials:

zsombor hajdu

Must see IG moments from the last week with MMSCENE cover star Xavier Serrano and fellow models Zsombor Hajdu, Moritz Hau, Brian Whittaker, Jakob Jokerst, Jungsu King and Sasha Trautvein.

In addition to must see posts from Conan Gray and Antoni Porowski. Check out all of the last week’s action:

moritz hau

“Happy Boy?. What’s your favorite food??. I think I’ve had more cheat days in the past 2 months than within the previous 2 years combined?? Sometimes you just gotta do what makes you feel good?” @moritz_hau

xavier serrano

“Working out with the mask is making the job 10 times harder… and satisfying ???” @xserrano9

antoni porowski

“after watching her drink about a gallon of ocean water it dawned on me that no matter how much I brag about how smart neon is, she is, in fact, a dog. also this was taken a month ago she’s fine” @antoni

Conan Gray

“?” @conangray

zsombor hajdu

“how is your Caturday?” @zsombor_hajdu

dafa george

“????” @dafa_george

brian whittaker

I smile for everything but the camera ? @brianhwhittaker

jakob jokerst

“Hey there, today just a mirror pic after waking up ? Explored Milan a little what did you do today??? swipe for ?” @jakob.jokerst

florian macek

“Coffee date? ??” @florianmacek

junsu king

@kjs__jun [junsu king]

Sasha Trautvein

“see you soon guys” @sashadidntwakeup


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