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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Mauricio Abad

Photographed by Rafo Iparraguirre, actor and model Mauricio Abad

In this exclusive interview for MMSCENE, we go into the multifaceted world of Mauricio Abad who’s not just a model and actor but has also worked in the domain of production. He started his career in modeling at the age of 16 before making an unexpected foray into acting. Amidst revelations about the physical challenges that come with a passion for soccer, to navigating the turbulent waters of online fame and hacking incidents, he shares insights into the highs and lows of a life in the spotlight. From Mauricio’s foundational beliefs in humility and the transient nature of success to aspirations of reinventing his career in Los Angeles, this interview takes an intimate glance into the life of someone who has embraced the entirety of their experiences—be it as a model, actor, or producer—while continuously looking forward to the horizon of new beginnings.


In the latest MMSCENE PORTRAITS exclusive feature, photographer Rafo Iparraguirre captures Mauricio Abad. In charge of the styling is Juan Casfer, grooming is done by Adrián Rey, with Alexa Carcausto as the producer. For this session Rafo is wearing selected pieces from H&M Peru, Sergio Davila Design, Quispe, Mantegazza, De Los Santos, Amarú Design Studio, and Mr. Poison.

Left – Suit and Top H&M PERÚ / Right – Top DELOSANTOS / photo by Rafo Iparraguirre for MMSCENE

Can you share something about yourself that people might not know?
I have never shared this to anyone. I have one leg longer than the other one. It’s just 6 mm but it makes a lot of difference especially because I play soccer a lot. So I need to wear shoes insoles all the time.

You’re both an actor and a model. Which career did you pursue first, and how did you venture into the other?
I have started as a model when I was 16. At 18 I moved to Mexico also to work as a model but because of destiny I end up in the acting career. Long story.

Left – Shirt H&M PERÚ / Right – Shorts SERGIO DAVILA / photo by Rafo Iparraguirre for MMSCENE

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received regarding acting and modeling?
To be always humble, there is always somebody better than us. That this career has its ups and downs, and we should never take things for granted.

You have a significant online following. How do you handle the challenges that come with it?
I would have millions if my accounts wouldn’t have been hacked in the past. For some reason when I got the main role in my first production, I got so many haters out of the blue. All my social media accounts were hacked over and over. My initial account was hacked when I had 100K, then created another, over and over 200k, 300k and all hacked. I was getting depressed to the point I didn’t care anymore. After months of stress, Televisa, the TV Network I was working for, got my account verified with Instagram and Facebook, I might have lost over 1M followers with all my accounts hacked. To be honest I do not spend much time on creating content. I should.

Left – Shorts SERGIO DAVILA / Right – Vest QUISPE, Speedo MNTG / photo by Rafo Iparraguirre for MMSCENE

Are there any brands you aspire to collaborate with as a model in the future?
I worked with lots brands I wanted to work with. I want to collaborate with brands that have better budget than names.

How would you describe your personal style?
I am a very basic person. I’m not into brands. I prefer casual and comfortable clothes.

Suit H&M PERÚ / photo by Rafo Iparraguirre for MMSCENE
Jacket and Shorts AMARU DESIGN STUDIO / photo by Rafo Iparraguirre for MMSCENE

What has been your favorite role in acting and your favorite modeling job so far, and why?
My favorite  acting role will always be my first job. I got the leading role of one of the biggest production in Mexico being totally unknown! I played a poor Peruvian boy that got a scholarship at a high class school. The character was very similar to me.

Left – Short and Warmers AMARU DESIGN STUDIO / Right – Top and Jeans DELOSANTOS / photo by Rafo Iparraguirre for MMSCENE

You worked as a producer on the short drama “Debajo Del Puente.” Could you share more about that experience?
I treasure this experience, for two reasons. The first one is because it was my first experience as a producer, the responsibility was very big. The second one is because the main character of the short movie, Pedro Damian, was the person that was the director in my first production, “Like La Leyenda,” can you imagine the pressure?


What activities do you enjoy the most in your free time?
I love nature, I love outdoor activities going to the beach, trekking, playing soccer etc.

Left – Top and Jeans DELOSANTOS / Right – Vest QUISPE, Speedo MNTG / photo by Rafo Iparraguirre for MMSCENE

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations, dreams, and plans for the future?
I want to move to Los Angeles and start my career from scratch there, but first I need to finish some pendencies in Mexico.

Left – Shorts SERGIO DAVILA / Right – Shirt H&M PERÚ, Bermuda QUISPE / photo by Rafo Iparraguirre for MMSCENE

Mauricio Abad @soymauricioabad
Photography – Rafo Iparraguirre @rafo_iparraguirre
Stylist – Juan Casfer @juancasfer
Producer – Alexa Carcausto @alexacarcausto
Grooming – Adrián Rey @skinfetish002

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