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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Samuel Watson

Photographed by Ori Paul Levi, model Samuel Watson shares his career path, aspirations and advice

MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Samuel Watson
In this exclusive interview for MMSCENE, Samuel Watson shares the trajectory of his modeling career, kickstarted by People Agency through a recommendation from his girlfriend, highlighting the agency’s role in his early success. Watson’s journey is marked by overseas assignments, the dreams of many aspiring models. He talks about his disciplined preparation routines, including fitness and skincare, and the professionalism that underpins his laid-back Australian approach. Representing agencies across the UK and US, Watson navigates the diverse fashion landscapes with adaptability, embracing the evolving standards of masculinity and beauty within the industry. Despite the challenges of rejection and the spontaneous nature of modeling work, his optimistic outlook and commitment to a healthy lifestyle fuel his ambition. Watson’s advice to newcomers is to persist and maintain patience, as he himself looks forward to exploring new opportunities and achieving further milestones in his career.


In the latest MMSCENE PORTRAITS exclusive feature, photographer Ori Paul Levi photographes Model Samuel Watson, represented by Next Models. For this session, Samuel is wearing selected pieces from Prada and Eytys.

MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Samuel Watson
Photo by Ori Paul Levi for MMSCENE

How did being scouted by People Agency shape the beginning of your modeling career?
Originally, I was picked up by the people agency through my girlfriend who is also signed with people. She thought I should give modeling a shot and referred me to one of the agents, Spencer, who then wanted to sign me. They have been amazing in shaping my career so far and have backed me all the way. Getting into modeling at the start can be super confusing but having them as a solid mother agent definitely made starting out a whole lot easier.

What has been the most memorable experience in your modeling journey so far?
My most memorable experience so far has got to be coming overseas for work. Being able to travel the world through modeling is something that only one could dream of, and to have that come true is very exciting. It’s the beginning of a brand new chapter in my life, so it’s very exciting and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Samuel Watson
Photo by Ori Paul Levi for MMSCENE
MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Samuel Watson
Photo by Ori Paul Levi for MMSCENE

How do you prepare for a photo shoot or runway show?
Firstly, I always check where the location is and how long it takes to get there so I can be there on time! But other than that I usually try to get in a gym session beforehand, alongside a healthy meal. I always like to drink plenty of water, and make sure that I’ve done my skin care and freshly shaved.

In what ways do you think your Australian background influences work in the fashion industry?
I think that coming from an Australian background, our culture is very laid back which I feel as though follows through into my work. Although I do take my work seriously, I try to enjoy individual experiences as much as possible. With that, I try not to take myself so seriously all the time, as I feel like the fashion industry can suck you into being self indulgent at times.

Photo by Ori Paul Levi for MMSCENE
Photo by Ori Paul Levi for MMSCENE

Being represented by agencies in both the UK and US, how do you navigate the differences in the fashion scenes across these locations?
Although I haven’t ventured out to the states yet, I have seen many differences in the fashion scenes between the UK and Australia. For one, London feels closer to the center of fashion in the sense that there’s more action and possibility. I do love Australia, and will have to go back at some point, but both the UK and US feel like there’s much more opportunity. To navigate the differences in these locations, I plan to just go with the flow. To see what options and possibilities arise and to place myself where I need to be.

What are your thoughts on the evolving standards of male beauty and masculinity in the fashion industry?
From my perspective, male beauty standards and ‘masculinity’ seem to be moving in a direction where diversity is more broadly accepted. People can be who they want to be and present themselves in a way they feel most comfortable. They don’t feel as though they need to conform to stereotypes of masculinity and rather just be who they want to be. Obviously, this will continue to evolve, but it’s a really cool thing to see and work amongst. 

Photo by Ori Paul Levi for MMSCENE
Photo by Ori Paul Levi for MMSCENE

Can you share any challenges you’ve faced in the modeling industry and how you’ve overcome them?
The industry is rife with rejection. This line of work consists of going to castings constantly, most of which you won’t get the part. In the face of this challenge, I’ve learnt to move on pretty quickly. There’s no point in dwelling in the past, but rather diverting your attention to the future.
Modeling work is also incredibly spontaneous! This makes planning very very difficult. But on the bright side, it keeps life interesting. And at 20 years old, I feel like it keeps me moving and exploring, rather than staying stationary in one place for too long.

What advice would you give to aspiring models looking to break into the industry?
Take some digis, send them around to agencies and wait patiently! You may not get it your first time round, but persistence is key.

Photo by Ori Paul Levi for MMSCENE

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while managing the demands of your modeling career?
I make sure that amongst working I always maintain the same routine. Getting myself to the gym everyday, getting my steps in, eating proper foods, and doing my cardio. When I get to a new city, the best way to explore and gather your bearings is to run! So often I’ll throw on my running shoes and do some sight-seeing that way.

Looking to the future, what goals do you have for your modeling career?
I have many hopes and dreams for the future. But for now I’m just taking things slow and seeing where my career can take me. I would love to break into some new markets in Europe, where I hope maybe one day I’ll land a big campaign, or top clientele. But for now I’m gathering my feet, having just landed in the UK.

Photography Ori Paul Levi – @oriocreams
Model Samuel Watson – @wats4m @Next Models

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