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How to Pick the Right Sports Shoes for Gym Enthusiasts

The right footwear is pivotal for your workout, our editors sum up these important tips helping you pick the right sports shoes:

How to Pick the Right Sports Shoes for Gym Enthusiasts
Photo ©Jose Martinez for MMSCENE

When it comes to working out at the gym, shoes can become your best friends or your worst enemies. But how hard can it be to find the right pair of shoes, right? Although you may be tempted to invest in an all-workout pair that will help you run, jog, walk, box or do your gym workout, each sport or type of physical activity requires a different pair of trainers that will provide the right amount of support and cushion for your heels, toes, and ankles.

So prepare to break your piggy bank to get out of the store with a comfortable and stylish pair of trainers, after you have checked all these boxes.

The right fit

Although having extra space in the toe box for toe splay may seem the right move to enhance your running performance, you won’t be needing it for weightlifting or boxing. You want your sneakers to snugly fit and provide enough support for your feet during unilateral moves.

Therefore, make sure your shoes fit perfectly, with about ¼ inches of extra space to avoid swelling, blisters, and calluses.

How to Pick the Right Sports Shoes for Gym Enthusiasts
Photo ©Jose Martinez for MMSCENE

High-quality materials

If you’re into boxing shoes, this review will show you some of the best shoes dedicated to this sport. But no matter the type of sport or physical activity you are practicing, besides a good fit, your shoes must be made of durable, high-quality materials.

Leather and suede are always good options because they are durable, flexible, and breathable at the same time. They are the perfect fabrics for boxing shoes and general gym shoes.

Mesh is another good fabric mainly used for running and training shoes because it is extremely lightweight and flexible. It ensures perfect air ventilation, keeping your feet cool and dry no matter how hard you’re training. However, it doesn’t provide the same level of protection as leather, especially when it comes to outside weather.

Ankle protection

Speaking of protection, your ankles are just as exposed and prone to injuries as your feet, so you’ll need to find a pair of shoes to absorb some of the pressure and keep your ankles tight. High-ankle boots are the best option, especially if you want to avoid sprains, bruises, and other injuries. This type of boots is perfect for boxers who work their feet as much as their fists, swinging from one leg to another to punch their opponents.

Consider shoes that feature laces or Velcro straps for their upper ankle to adjust the fit according to your needs, keeping your ankles secure.


Depending on the type of physical activity you are performing, you need to pay close attention to the type of soles you are opting for. Runners, trackers, and joggers require extra shock absorption and cushioning so rigid soles with foam layers are the right choice.

On the contrary, those who enjoy contact sports like wrestling or boxing should opt for shoes with a high-ankle design and a flexible, lightweight sole. Rubber soles with the right amount of cushioning are the best choice for them.

Photo ©Jose Martinez for MMSCENE
Photo ©Jose Martinez for MMSCENE


Last but not least, the right pair of shoes should also be stylish and fashionable. Whether you choose to match your shoes to the rest of your outfit or make a fashion statement, step out of your comfort zone and try bold, vivid colors, prints, and designs.

Most renowned shoe manufacturers like Adidas, Nike, New Balance, and Asics often release special capsule collections with designers or sports celebrities, and you can rest assured the styles of the shoes are constantly updated to meet the requirements of urban challenges and funky youngsters.

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