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Portraits and Talk: Gui Cavasana for MMSCENE

Gui Cavasana in the exclusive MMSCENE Magazine portraits series + get to know Gui with our exclusive interview:

Gui Cavanasa
Gui Cavasana for MMSCENE by photographer ©Bjorn Michael

Brazilian model Gui Cavasana in exclusive portraits series by Bjorn Michael captured for MMSCENE magazine’s Portraits series.

Continue for more of the shoot and our interview with Gui:

What’s your story, and what drew you to a career in front of the camera? –  My name is Guilherme, I’m 26 years old. I’m Brazilian, from São Paulo. I’ve been a skateboarder since I was 13, and my friends and I always like to photograph and film our skate tricks. So camera, I’ve always connected well with capturing the moment.

Can you walk us through how you started your modeling journey? What were the initial steps? – It all started by chance, I had friends who had skate brands and stores, and they asked me to photograph for them, I was always interested in fashion and researched it. So during shootings with my friends, there were always good portrait photos in addition to work. I was once called to a selection of models, those who “sell you a dream”, you pay to make a book and nothing ever happens, you know? I went and saw that it was a mess. I gave up and told my friends about it and they kept insisting I really try. until one day I decided to send my “modeling” photos to a serious agency, Daf Models. I unpretentiously sent it and didn’t expect anything, because I didn’t care about it. When I saw it, I was immediately approved.

Photo ©Bjorn Michael

Working as a model, what obstacles have you encountered and what key insights have you gained? – I try never to focus on the problems, but I believe it is the challenge of the uncertainty of contracts and work dates. However, I believe that this is also the insight to always seek to develop myself, as a professional, as a human being and to know how to have patience to face all challenges.

Have there been any particular moments or photoshoots in your career so far that have been especially significant for you? –  I certainly have many that I never forget. But especially one with Xram Ragde in Bogota, Colombia.

What direction do you hope to take your modeling career in the coming years, and do you have specific objectives you’re aiming for? – At first I didn’t expect anything, just to be able to make some extra money. And I was surprised by my agents always pushing me, I’m very grateful to them for making me believe in myself. I intend to continue traveling, connecting with people along the way so that I can pave good paths for my future plans.

Photo ©Bjorn Michael

Based on your experiences, what guidance would you offer to newcomers aspiring to break into the modeling industry? – Be patient, and very resilient. If there’s one thing I learned about skateboarding, it was that. Sometimes you will try the maneuver many times, you will fall, it will hurt. But if you get up and try one more time, you might land the best trick of your life, so enjoy the journey

How do you manage the balance between the professional demands of modeling and your personal life? –  I try to see my modeling life as a company that needs to be managed, so I always try to establish goals and objectives. Once I do it, I can rest, but I need to be ready to do it again tomorrow.

Photo ©Bjorn Michael
Photo ©Bjorn Michael
Photo ©Bjorn Michael

From your perspective, how is the modeling industry evolving, and what positive changes do you hope to see in the near future? –  I believe that fashion is increasingly influencing people to be themselves. Allowing yourself to wear “that different outfit” because you saw a good reference in a fashion show or something like that. And thus bringing comfort and confidence to people. I believe that in the future, fashion will continue to give more space to people like me, who came from a small town in São Paulo, with a skateboard under my arm and just dreaming about what my future would be like.

Photography Bjorn Michael – for more of Bjorn’s work visit:
Art Direction and Production Design Julian Rodriguez @julianjrr
Model Gui Cavasana at DAF Models and 40 Graus Models – follow Gui on IG @guilhermecavasana

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