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FERNANDO LINDEZ Takes The Cover of DUST Magazine

Fernando Lindez and a single Gucci shoe take the cover of DUST Magazine’s latest issue – find out more:

Fernando Lindez
In a striking departure from conventional fashion norms, the latest issue of DUST Magazine presents a bold and unadorned portrait of Fernando Lindez, the star of the newest season of Netflix’s hit show ‘Elite‘. Captured by the renowned photographer Ferry Van Der Nat, Lindez embodies the essence of ‘Neo-Idealism’, a theme that challenges and redefines contemporary beauty standards.

This exclusive photoshoot, styled by the magazine’s Editor in Chief, Luca Guarini, showcases Fernando in a minimalist yet provocative manner. Wearing nothing but a single shoe from Gucci, Lindez’s appearance is both daring and vulnerable, highlighting the raw and unfiltered essence of his persona.

Lindez, represented by UNO Models, has rapidly ascended in the modeling world, now associated with prestigious agencies such as Wilhelmina Model New York, New Madison, Why Not Model Management, Premier Model Management London, and PMA Hamburg. His journey, originating from his mother agency UNO Models in Barcelona, speaks volumes about his versatility and appeal across diverse fashion capitals.

The choice of a single Gucci shoe is a deliberate one. It symbolizes a shift towards minimalism and a focus on the intrinsic value of individual fashion elements. Laurence Walker’s hair styling and Morgane Martini’s makeup artistry complement this ethos, offering a natural yet refined look that accentuates Fernando’s striking features.

This edition of DUST Magazine not only showcases Fernando Lindez’s unique aesthetic but also marks a shift in fashion narratives — where less is more, and individuality is celebrated in its purest form.


Cover Feature: Fernando Lindez
At UNO Models, Embracing a Bold New Aesthetic

Photography: Ferry Van Der Nat
Styling: Luca Guarini, Editor in Chief of DUST Magazine
Hair Stylist: Laurence Walker
Make Up Artist: Morgane Martini at The Wallgroup
Casting Director: William Lhoest

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