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All You Need To Know About Gender Neutral Wedding Rings

If you’re unfamiliar with the notion of gender-neutral wedding rings, here are a few things to get you started.

Gender Neutral Wedding Rings
Photography by ©Paolo Rally for MMSCENE

When you think of gender-neutral wedding rings, you might have to put a lot of effort to imagine a certain design or style. However, it is super easy to imagine a gender-specific wedding ring. This is because gender-neutral wedding rings are a relatively newer concept.

The whole idea of introducing gender-neutral or non binary engagement rings is to promote acceptance, equality, and inclusiveness for every gender and cater to the taste of all people irrespective of what they identify as.

If you’re new to the concept of gender-neutral engagement rings, here are a few things that will help familiarize you with it.

  • There Are Plenty Of Designs That Work Well For Both Men and Women

Gender-neutral engagement and wedding rings are all about designs that are free of elements that set them completely apart as a ring fit for a specific gender.

From gumball-sized diamond rings to plain and simple wedding bands, there’s a whole range of designs that you can choose from whether you’re a man or a woman.

When you look at gender-neutral wedding rings, it is more about what style, design, and material you like rather than the standards set by society for specific genders.

  • The Materials Are the Same As They Would Be For Any Gender-Specific Rings

The common notion is that there must be something bigger, such as the material that goes into making rings, that sets gender-neutral rings apart from their gender-specific counterparts.

However, every material that is a part of gender-specific rings can and is used in designing beautiful gender-neutral wedding rings.

From different stones, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds, to metal, such as platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold— you can pick the material of your liking to have a breathtaking and gorgeous ring made out of it.

  • What Are Gender-Neutral Wedding Rings?

Gender-neutral wedding rings are a part of gender-neutral jewelry designed to break gender constraints. When you go shopping for wedding rings, you will generally find two different sections for brides and grooms in the store.

When you compare the jewelry, there might be elements that set them apart from each other. Gender-neutral wedding rings are designed to exclude any such elements that are a part of the traditional gendered wedding jewelry.

  • Different Styles and Materials

As it is said, love is love, and gender should not come in your way of choosing the wedding ring of your dreams. Whether you plan to rock a giant diamond engagement ring or would take the minimalistic route by opting for a sleek metallic wedding band, the options in styles and materials are endless.

Some of the most popular gender-neutral wedding ring styles are diamond-studded wedding bands, a sleek wedding band with a huge round diamond, stackable rings, and wedding rings with square-shaped diamonds, among others. Sapphire in gemstones and platinum in metals make for great choices when designing a gender-neutral wedding ring.

Gender Neutral Wedding Rings
Photography by ©Paolo Rally for MMSCENE
  • How to Wear Your Gender-Neutral Wedding Ring

A gender-neutral wedding ring holds the same significance that a binary ring would hold. Therefore, you can confidently rock your wedding ring on the ring finger of your right hand or the left hand based on the culture you follow.

  • What Is The Symbol Of Gender Neutrality?

Gender neutrality is best symbolized using the intersexual or androgynous symbol. It is known as the hermaphrodite in entomology and denoted transgendered sexuality. Graphically, the symbol is a combination of the male and female Unicode, that is, Venus and Mars.

  • Why Do People Want to Make a Statement?

Making a statement when choosing a wedding ring has a lot to do with wanting to establish your love as a unique one in itself. This is one of the reasons why the aspect of uniqueness has a significant role to play when buying an engagement or wedding ring.

  • New Ways To Show Love Can Bring Everyone Together

While gender-neutral wedding rings are not as common as binary rings, it is a new way to show love that reflects the growing acceptance of the LGBTQ community in recent times. Jewelry of these kinds is a great way to symbolize inclusion and brings everyone together irrespective of one’s gender.

If you’re planning to have a gender-neutral engagement ring designed for your loved one, it will come to you as a relief to know that it’s just as easy to design a non-binary ring as a binary one. All that matters is your partner’s likes, preferences, and tastes to help you pick the right stone and metal to design the engagement ring of their dreams. So, consider your budget, your partner’s profession and lifestyle, and their style, and you will be able to shop for the best gender-neutral engagement ring that they fall in love with.

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