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ELIOT SUMNER In MCM for DSCENE Magazine #020 Cover

Eliot Sumner graces the cover of DSCENE Magazine, photographed by Ice Pong.

ELIOT SUMNER DSCENE Magazine #020 Cover
ELIOT SUMNER DSCENE Magazine #020 Cover

In “Line, Form, Space,” our design special for our 20th print edition, DSCENE Magazine dives into the fascinating relationship between acting and music, with an exclusive interview with Eliot Sumner. Sumner is well-known for his captivating performances and distinct artistic vision. He represents a fusion of originality and flexibility that works well in many contexts.

With photography by Ice Pong, style by Suthee Ritthaworn, and hair and makeup by Rebekah Calo and Lindsay Kastuk, respectively, this cover story explores Sumner’s current role in Netflix’s miniseries Ripley and documents his transformation from music to screen. Sumner is on the cover wearing a total look by MCM.


Steven Zaillian’s direction of Sumner’s Freddie Miles redefines the character with a smart and subtle approach, giving the part a newfound energy. The series, which is set in Rome’s Trastevere neighbourhood, tackles issues of obsession, imagination, and envy. Sumner’s portrayal gives the story a subdued sense of danger.

Sumner talks about his personal connection to Italy, the difficulties and insights he faced while filming, and the creative process that went into creating Freddie Miles in a conversation with DSCENE Editor Katarina Doric. Sumner says, “I auditioned Freddie how I heard him in my head. I didn’t hear a loud American as he was described in the script. I decided to play him differently.” The director and casting director approved of this daring decision.

Total look CELINE

Additionally, Sumner discusses the significance of the Rome shoot for her personally: “Coming to Rome and staying in an apartment in Trastevere felt like the first time I had arrived anywhere and felt like home. I am a different animal in Italy.” Sumner’s performance was enhanced by the production’s unusual location, which gave it a feeling of coming home.


Join us as we explore Eliot Sumner’s multifaceted career and his impact on contemporary art and culture. Discover how his unique blend of talent continues to shape the creative landscape, offering inspiration and innovation in every endeavor.

Talent Eliot Sumner @eliotsumner
Photographer Ice Pong @icepong
Stylist Suthee Ritthaworn @sutheeritt
Hair Stylist Rebekah Calo using R+Co @rebekahcalo @randco
Makeup Artist Lindsay Kastuk @lindsaykastuk
Photo assistant Atiwat Mondee and Aida Araya Bua @whokilled_araya
Fashion assistants Cyril Marion and Siwawatch Chaipipat @cyrilmarion
Location Weinberg Modern @weinbergmodern
Interview by Katarina Doric @katarina.djoric

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