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Craig Green Fall Winter 2022 Menswear Collection

Craig Green presents his Fall Winter 2022 collection with a runway show in London.

Craig Green Menswear
Photo courtesy of ©Craig Green

Craig Green returns to the runway for the Fall Winter 2022 menswear show presented in London. Green and his team presented a show stopping fifty-three look menswear collection. The design sentiment stays in the instantly recognizable realm of Craig Green. However going through the looks it is inevitable to see the mark of the past years of isolation on the delivery of the message behind the collection. Bulky Craig Green lines are now more than ever a true modern day armour. Presented as sort of a shield from the pandemic surrounding us. Green plays with proportions in his signature sculptural manner, it is easy to say better than no other. However what he also brings to the table for us once again is his own sense for colour showcased throughout the extensive collection. 

Photo courtesy of ©Craig Green
Photo courtesy of ©Craig Green
Photo courtesy of ©Craig Green

Footwear stands out on its own and supported by Adidas Originals it brings us hope of new Craig Green x Adidas collaborations in the works. The famed CG SCUBA PHORMAR is now accessorized, delivered to the London runway in various colours. In addition footwear is protected with additional Craig Green Adidas gear, a sort of small yet bulky shields for your feet and sneakers.

The new footwear pieces are going hand in hand with the collection, with ease the Craig Green Adidas sneakers now fall into piece of the massive puzzle set by the designer. 

Photo courtesy of ©Craig Green
Photo courtesy of ©Craig Green

From rafting boat like inflatable armour like pieces to the fluffiest of sweaters the designer manages to reinvent the way we see menswear today. Needless to say a task almost brought to impossible heights by the constraints of menswear and its militarized lines. This menswear definition is forcing designers to only slightly adjust the existing tailoring patterns creating the same coat over and over again. However, while Craig Green’s outfits undoubtedly have a doze of military wardrobe attached to them, albeit a science fiction one, the designer and his team definitely are telling us they are still not afraid to experiment. And that is what we are here for.

Some of Craig Green’s runway outfits are simply not equipped for a daily wardrobe. Yet I can see one coveting a bulky Craig Green outfit. However how do you store it and preserve it? Fully inflated? As a sculpture and a work of art as it is I say. 

Discover all the looks from the Craig Green Fall Winter 2022 collection in our gallery: 

Creative Director Craig Green
Fashion Stylist Robbie Spencer
Hair Stylist Mari Ohashi
Makeup Artist Anne Sophie Costa
Casting Director Samuel Ellis Scheinman
Production & Communications Karla Otto
Footwear by Adidas Originals
Models Adamu Bulus, Alex Khristenko, Ati Oppelt, Callum Heslop, Daiki Koga, Dries Haseldonckx, Elvis Wallace, Evans Ikechukwu, Felix Cheong-Macleod, Fikrat Kirkland, Harry Browse, Igor Vojinovic, Indiana Slot, Jack Burke, James Fairweather, Jesse Tyrrell, Kian Cleator, Lawal Badmus, Lee Yeong Ho, Liren Shih, Luke Pearson, Mamuor Majeng, Mohammed Abubakar, Mumin Jangani, Namgyal Samuels, Neil Varel, Nonso Ojukwu, Oisin Griffin Barr, Rohan Dileepkumar, Saul Symon, Silas Lutz, Woosang Kim
Review by Zarko Davinic Editor at DSCENE Publishing; Note the collection while showcased in London was not part of the London Fashion Week schedule due to the fact LFW in January was cancelled due to pandemic risks restricting travel. 
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