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MMSCENE GUIDE: How To Style Supreme

We’re here to help you get the most out of your latest cop while highlighting some top-notch pieces from the brand

How To Style Supreme

Since its beginning in 1994, Supreme has been a pioneer in the streetwear industry. Even if you’re not that familiar with the brand, chances are you’ve probably heard of the the Supreme Box Logo. And if you’re into streetwear, you’ve probably owned or at least wanted one. Wearing a Supreme piece, however, might be more difficult than you might expect. Due to Supreme’s very graphic-heavy pieces, some outfit combinations might make you look “hypebeast-y”. From hyped drops to wardrobe staples, we’re offering some styling suggestions on the best way to wear your favorite Supreme pieces.

The Box Logo T-Shirt

A Supreme box logo is definitely a statement piece. And as such, it should be the focal point of your outfit. Wearing something equally loud would make you appear like a hypebeast and a little tacky. So here’s the golden rule: Keep It Simple. A loose-fitting Supreme Box Logo T-Shirt paired with skinny jeans is a great outfit idea.

Matching loose and fitted garments demonstrates that you have given consideration to the overall appearance of your fit. It has a purposeful but relaxed appearance.

Layering your outfit also allows you to make your Supreme box logo T-shirt the focal point without seeming forced. Pairing it with an oversized flannel shirt gives the outfit another dimension and adds texture.

How To Style Supreme

The Supreme Hoodie

A graphic may transform a slouchy hoodie into the focal point of your ensemble. Especially if the design has sentimental value for you. Wearing it indicates an affinity for a specific type of street culture. Sure, not everyone will understand. But that’s kind of the point with streetwear.

The hoodie is a really straightforward garment to style, and you should have no trouble doing so! If the weather is chilly, layering a oversize trench or wool coat over the hoodie can give the outfit a contemporary look. Pair it with distressed jeans, cargo trousers or chinos and some minimalist sneakers. Nike Air Force Ones or Vans Old Skool are our favorites. However, you can amp it up with some highly-coveted limited edition sneakers as well.

How To Style Supreme

Contemporary Patterns And Colors

Streetwear has often been influenced by utilitarian or military-inspired trends. Add a camo jacket or trousers to your outfit to play with the trend

You’re not a fan of neutrals? Use pastels and vibrant colors to your advantage. Alternatively, find a happy medium with striped or flowery items that combine the best of both worlds. They’re all street-wear appropriate, whether it’s graffiti art or images of your favorite pop culture celebrities.

Experiment With Proportions

Balancing proportions is all about arranging your clothes to achieve an overall aesthetic harmony. Wearing clothes that are fitted to your body shape is one approach to do this. Streetwear is all about defying the norms of proportion for a trendy appearance. Baggy denim, oversize hoodies, and other loose-fitting items are popular items among streetwear afficionados. When you want to experiment with oversized clothes, try keeping the rest of the look fitted. Remember to keep it loose and casual, not baggy. You don’t want to be swimming in your fit.

How To Style Supreme

Add Finishing Touches

A great pair of sneakers makes the look complete. Whether you keep it traditional or opt for a hype sneaker in vibrant colorway to make it stand out even more. Try pairing it with a pair of quirky socks for an even more expressive streetwear vibe. Accessories in general may be a great way to elevate a look . A flashy bucket hat, baseball cap or a short beanie will loosen things up and add a finishing touch.

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Finding Balance

Finding the right pieces to go with your Supreme statement piece is crucial. While you may have a closet full of items you want to wear, it’s all about finding the right balance for your outfit. You want to make sure that your box logo is visible, but also that the rest of your outfit is cohesive.

One way to achieve that balance is to keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible. While Supreme is well known for its stellar graphic heavy pieces, too much of a good thing can go wrong easily. Our advice is to pick one main piece that will be the focus of your outfit and pair it with simple pieces in a black or neutral color, or choose complimentary colors to make your main piece stand out even more. If you don’t want to go neutral, you can instead clash it with neon. The more pieces you include, the more the attention is shifted away from your focal point. 


While we could continue to provide you with trends and guidelines to follow, we prefer to leave it up to you. Discover what works best for you and how to express your unique style. Then, pay attention to current fashion trends, but don’t let them dictate how you dress.

Because streetwear is primarily about making a statement, there is plenty of room for you to express yourself, and expressing one’s uniqueness is by far the most important thing. Don’t be afraid to try out new unexpected combos, you might just find yourself ahead of the curve.



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