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KENZO Collaborates With VERDY for Spring Summer 2024

The dynamic KENZO x VERDY collection celebrates cultural diversity and streetwear aesthetics.

Courtesy of Kenzo

In a fusion of art and fashion, KENZO, led by Artistic Director Nigo, has collaborated with the dynamic Japanese artist VERDY for the House’s Spring Summer 2024 collection. First unveiled at the Men’s Fashion Week in Paris and subsequently in Shanghai, this collection is a vibrant showcase of VERDY’s unique graphic style.

The exclusive launch of this collection is set to take place at a KENZO pop-up store on the prestigious Champs-Élysées in Paris from December 2nd to 17th, followed by an appearance at 10 Corso Como in Seoul from December 16th to 26th. This international unveiling symbolizes a remarkable ‘East Meets West’ journey, aligning perfectly with the brand’s ethos.

Courtesy of Kenzo

VERDY, known for his bold, playful designs and a palette that vibrates with youth, rebellion, and nostalgia, brings an unprecedented edge to the collection. His work, deeply rooted in skateboarding, hip-hop, and manga culture, seamlessly blends Japanese artistry with Western streetwear elements, embodying the global vision Nigo has for KENZO.

The highlight of this collaboration is VERDY’s iconic typography, which adorns a selection of holiday season garments. The collection, designed by Nigo and revisited by VERDY, features standout branding with phrases like ‘Kenzo’, ‘KENZO Paris’, and ‘18 Rue Vivienne’ on various fabrics and accessories.

The menswear line includes a black windbreaker with a contrasting white logo, navy knitted jumpers, and vests with white logos. Jersey pieces feature a black and white varsity cardigan with ‘KP’ and ‘Kenzo Paris’ detailing, alongside oversized T-shirts in black or white with prominent red or white logos.

Courtesy of Kenzo

For women, the collection boasts a navy knitted jumper, cardigans, skirts with the ‘KENZO Paris’ logo, pink polo dresses, off-white cropped hoodies, and T-shirts in multiple colors, all featuring the distinctive KENZO branding.

In a nod to inclusivity, the collection also offers gender-neutral items such as hoodies in black and off-white with maxi logos, a navy knitted cardigan, and leather motorcycle and varsity jackets. The collection’s jersey section includes hoodies, jogging pants, and oversized T-shirts in white with red logos or black with white logos, catering to a wide audience.

Courtesy of Kenzo

This exclusive KENZO x VERDY collection is available on from December 1st to 3rd and in KENZO stores worldwide from December 4th.

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