Must Have Men’s Essentials for Your Beach Vacation


Swimwear is the first piece of garment coming to mind if venturing for a beach vacation the coming Summer season. Some guys venture to European beaches such as the wonderful shores of Greece while other opt for something more exotic as a they year round Thailand for example. Nevertheless any location that announces its possession of a sandy seaside by placing the word beach in its title requires swimwear. For men it might be even harder than for women, even past the ever lasting question of speedos or shorts.


Beach can even be a weekend getaway but for some with considerable means will travel somewhat farther. Most likely these destinations will require a valid passport a good knowledge of foreign languages and most likely good credit. Not to forget a really good taste when it comes to choosing your beach essentials.

For these far and often exotic destinations what you might wear to your local swimming pool just won’t fly. If you are spending a little more to get out of your country this summer try and find trunks and sandals you would not wear in your local gym’s pool. Especially important today are trunks specifically tailored which are suitable to wear on dry land (we know you wouldn’t do that) while you mingle on the beach. Hopefully you won’t be fishing for an open wifi connection while on vacation, and count that as an activity.

The sweet freedom of Summer vacation is only a few weeks away, so make sure your style is up to the standards this summer. This summer make sure to invest in eye-catching swim pieces to complete your summer attire and give you a well put look.



Swimwear That Protects Your Body

Style is not the ultimate goal when selecting your swimsuit whether you are looking for men’s or women’s pieces. A smart bathing suit is becoming more than just a trend in the fashion industry. The designers are creating today highly stretchable body suits which actually helps you while swimming in a swimming pool or in the sea. Macho men who are bothered about fashion can wear these briefs and trunks and become a show-stopped immediately. When the customers check the prices their mouth will automatically open with disbelief. Step out wearing these adorable bathing suits and win the hearts of many swimmers. You will love the Chlorine resistant swimwear and purchase it without second thoughts. Wearing these products is nothing but blessings in disguise.


With summer coming soon, what we are basically trying to say throughout, it definitely means it is the right time to hit the surf with style. So we are sending you the memo, it is time to throw away your saggy speedos and those baggy boardies. Injecting some style into your next summer vacation with a few modern options suggest in the images above is the perfect solution.

Also don’t forget what makes a perfect beach wardrobe is a great beach towel!

Photos Model Ivan Markioli by photographer Igor Cvoro

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