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Facial hair is an out of trends, however if it suits you here are a few tips on how to maintain a beard.

Is the modern beard result of the reduced attention to the daily routines and habits. Is this why shaving was the first on the list of things to go? The facts are here to clearly show this is the main reason why beard is such a strong for the last couple of years.

Is the modern man’s busy daily schedule the reason why so many prefer to let it all grow today?


If you look at the Milan runways, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Canali and Ermanno Scervino the most popular look at the moment is going from a two day stubble to a full on beard. Today, a lot of men are in an experimental phase, and are far more into trying out different facial hair styles. There is also an important moment of young people feeling bored with the whole ‘metrosexual‘ moment which included going for waxing, clean shaving and continuously getting tens. Facial hair itself is a big plus when it comes to a must-have selfie (perhaps contouring for men), it is as important as a good phone, and a phone / wallet case such as the must-have T8 iPhone 6 Cases. Everything for a perfect selfie.

At the same time we all know the hair on your face is a show of strength, but also a certain je ne sais quoi of the bearded movement. The celebrity elite has long abandoned the clean shaved look,  just look at David Beckham, George Clooney as well as Brad Pitt. Both of them have long left the clean shaved face of the younger days. Maybe the bearded movement comes with age. Maybe it is signalizing the days of boyhoods are over, and you are not anymore a part of a boy band.


Eons before the convenience of the likes of Gillettes and machine driven groomers, the men grew their beards long. The monarchs were bearded men, picturing men battling hard times enduring the struggle even on their high position. However in real life today’s men are confronted with questions directly questioning their role in society, the future in front of them and meaning of the olden ways stamped into them by their fathers and grandfathers before them. An intellectual answer is what prevails, men are taking a step back, this moment is also part of reduced attention to the every day habits one of them is daily grooming. Just as beards are becoming acceptable, we are seeing the new rise of sportswear, sweatpants are becoming widely acceptable. Rituals are now a thing of the past, perhaps that is why men are forgetting to leave the toilet seat down, or call their mother? Likely story, but stepping out on the street is far easier today than for a Victorian era man, who in addition to extremely groomed bear, or impeccable clean shaven face and styled moustache also needed a full on attire ritual.


The word hipster has already damned to oblivion the lumber jack beard and thankfully the man bun. However the sheer popularity of the beard is not what is absurd in today’s grooming trends, in fact to be clean shaved was hardly a norm looking back at our history. Shall we go back? The Romans were clean shaven, but perhaps opposing those before – the philosophical Greeks who were known for growing their beards. Thus the expanding Romans prevailed, making the clean shaven look a norm, enforcing it upon their soldiers as well as a strong every-day ritual for civilians alike. It was a symbol of order, class and luxury. Still, when in Rome do as the Romans do.

Finally if you are to ask women, they do not like men with beards. Even the above mentioned David Beckham shaved his beard after Victoria Beckham refused to kiss him. However, we are sure there are bigger things to ponder about in these turbulent times.

All Images by Igor Cvoro featuring Aleksa Gavrilovic at FOX Fashion Agency in Belgrade exclusively photographed for MMSCENE Magazine. Words by Zarko Davinic, EIC of MMSCENE.

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