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Fresh face spotlight featuring the promising Luka Kapunac from Fox Models in Belgrade


Latest in MMSCENE’s Fresh Face spotlight series is Luka Kapunac from Fox Models in Belgrade. Luka was photographed for the series by Borislav Utjesinovic.

Scroll down for more of our shoot with Luka Kapunac and a Q&A with the promising fresh face:


How were you discovered?

Well, when I was 15 I began asking around when and where are there any castings for any agency and I went on four or five castings during that year, where they rejected me mostly for my height. I was younger and skinnier so they probably didn’t see me as their model. After that year of rejecting Belgrade Fashion Week came along, where among other things FOX agency was looking for fresh faces.

My plan didn’t come true to work on fashion week immediately, they just took my data, some measurements like height, weight etc. I was told I have good face features, good built, but I needed a little more weight and height. But basically it was able to work with me and that i have more time to fix some things. After that they called me to make Polaroids and from that moment I am officially swimming in this waters.


Was modelling something you always dreamed of doing?

I didn’t always imagined myself wanting to be in modelling, but I always loved being photographed and wanting myself to be on covers of magazines. My true desire for modelling appeared when I was fifteen years old when I discovered that I can begin a career of a model.


How would you describe your personal style?

I can’t really define my personal style with only one type. Most commonly I wear one colored sweats and some colorful, neon flashy hoodies, but I also love wearing jeans and button up shirts with interesting details.


Describe to us your go to outfit.

Well that would be black slim jeans, brown shoes and white silk shirt with printed gold chains.


What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

In my free time what I like the most is being alone with my thoughts, enjoying food, watching some TV shows. Sometimes I like to go to the gym and play video games like LoL and CS:GO.


What’s on your playlist?

Lately I have been listening the most RNB/Trap and metal. Right now on my playlist are: Becky Hill – My Heart Goes, Bring Me The Horizon – Parasite Eve, Starset – My Demons, The Beast – Rags and Riches etc.


What are your future goals, dreams and plans?

Well in recent days I lost motivation for everything, but I hope it will be back soon. Some of my goals would be to travel the world like a model, start “influence” career within modelling, sport and lifestyle. Later on maybe start my own private business although I still don’t know in which area but those are the things I ever saw myself in. I just have to master a lot of obstacles that are only in my head.


All photos by Borislav Utjesinovic for MMSCENE Online Exclusives

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