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BED J.W. FORD Spring Summer 25 Collection

For this season, Shinpei Yamagishi is giving his ode to the everyday workers

The 2025 Spring Summer Collection by BED J.W. FORD tries to capture the everyday worker, navigating the challenges of life with determination and resilience. Inspired by the sight of a worker returning home after a long day, and designers own parents, the collection seeks to mimic the fatigue and strength that define their daily existence. Crisp shirts, worn-out and crumpled sleeves, and loosened ties tell a story of perseverance and the relentless journey toward home and rest. This collection is a tribute to those who, despite their exhaustion, find the energy to face each new day with courage and a touch of happiness.

© BED J.W. FORD / photography by Luca Tombolini

Designer Shinpei Yamagishi goes into these themes, using them as the foundation for his Spring Summer 2025 collection. His designs vividly illustrate the imagined reality of a worker’s life, capturing the sweat and presence of individuals driven by their ambitions, desires, and responsibilities. The collection pays homage to the quiet strength found in the everyday actions of workers, celebrating their perseverance and dedication.

© BED J.W. FORD / photography by Luca Tombolini

The imagery of office workers, construction crews, and caretakers returning home after a day’s labor is vividly portrayed. Yamagishi envisions these workers not just in their routine but in their personal moments—buying flowers or a bottle of wine for a loved one, or a candy for a child. These small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness amidst their fatigue reveal an exquisite happiness dwelling in ordinary moments. This idea of finding beauty in the mundane drives the collection’s design.

© BED J.W. FORD / photography by Luca Tombolini

Patterns for the Spring Summer 2025 collection are defined by the brand’s signature shapes, featuring shrunken sleeves fastened with straps, natural hems, and supple shirts. Yamagishi enhances these designs with thematic details such as bells signaling the end of a workday, elliptical textiles sparking intuitive responses, and belts with heavy buckles.

© BED J.W. FORD / photography by Luca Tombolini

Yamagishi describes this collection as a tribute to all working people, celebrating the beauty and dignity in their routine lives. He expresses a deep love for life as it is—a theater of everyday miracles created by workers. Through this collection, Yamagishi aligns himself with this cast, honoring the tireless spirit and unwavering dedication of those who keep moving forward, day after day. See all the looks from the BED J.W. FORD Spring Summer 2025 Collection in the Gallery below:

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Written by Pavle Banovic

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