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T-Shirt Eternal Part of Men’s Wardrobe

Karlo by © Skye Tan for Male Model Scene Exclusive


Key item in a men’s wardrobe (no matter how polished or not) inevitably must be the T-Shirt. It is easily one of those few essential pieces which can become your favorite. Let’s not fool ourselves the right one, will always end up first in our bag when we pack for a trip, or it’s simply the first one we grab out of the drier! Certainly it is a piece you’re bound to get miles and miles out of even with the first days of early spring. Men are especially dedicated when it comes to the choice, it is a sort of an eternal chase for just the right T. Easy way out might even come with customized shirts for men from Shirtinator – it is indeed quite an entertaining process in playing a designer for few minutes with later pretty wearable results.

Alex by © Simon Cauvier Goupil for Male Model Scene Exclusive


Nevertheless choosing a simple T can always be the right answer. A remarkably simple way to avoid overdressing, and scaling down the uncomfortably formal attire. A blazer can always match a simple monochromatic choice, with colours allowing you to adjust according to the season. Often a perfect way to ease down the sharp tailoring and trim fit of an overly classic sports jacket.

Zack Hartwanger by © Sinem Yazici Male Model Scene Exclusive


Today a Tshirt which is naturally a main ingredient for any mass retailer clothing giant you can name, is also a driving force behind high-end ready to wear labels. If a brand can create an iconic design of the same, they can easily have in their hands something as important as a bottle of a must-have fragrance. Only remember the famous french designers whose chic striped sailor T is enduring on the scene for more than a decade.

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