How To Choose The Right T-shirt For You

No matter what your features may be, there is always a t-shirt, colour, fabric, and fit that will suit you and make you feel great about how you look.

Noah Teicher
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T-shirts are a universal clothing staple because of their versatility and comfort. However, many men may not know what to consider when picking out the perfect one for their style and body type. Do you know whether your height and other physical characteristics typically suit a V-neck or crew neck better? Are there colours that flatter your appearance more than others? Are you aware which fabrics you find comfiest?

These factors are worth thinking about to pick out the best shirts for your look. Whether you’re searching for a classy date night t-shirt like the ones available from Jasper Holland, or something more casual for running errands, here are a few things you should consider.

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Noah Teicher
Photo ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE Magazine


Choosing the perfect fit and cut of a t-shirt depends on where you are planning to wear it. Lounging around the house or running some errands may call for a slightly looser fitting shirt that is casual and comfy.

If you’re heading out on a date, you may want to go for a muscle cut option that highlights the shoulders. This makes them and the rest of your upper body look broader which is typically considered to be a masculine look.

There is a fine line between form-fitting and looking like you just left the gym, so give the t-shirt a trial run before the big date to make sure it doesn’t read as workout attire.

There are also general tips that you can always refer back to if you aren’t sure whether to wear a v-neck or crew neck.

• V-necks naturally elongate the neck and can even make shorter men look taller.
• Crew necks are perfect for someone who is looking to broaden the look of their upper body. Any man whose shoulders naturally slope, as well as those with smaller chests, can benefit from choosing this type of t-shirt.


Again, it’s worth thinking about the occasion you’ll be wearing a t-shirt when choosing a fabric. However, we can all agree there is no event in which you want to be wearing uncomfortable clothing. If you need something particularly soft, then you should look for fabrics including combed and organic cotton, bamboo (a little expensive but very breathable), and Pima. The latter is also resistant against everyday t-shirt related annoyances such as pilling and fading.

Those in the market for something flexible should try out jersey fabric, a knitted wool/synthetic/cotton blend. Polyester is typically on the cheaper side, and is durable against wrinkles and shrinking, prolonging the lifespan of the shirt’s original fit. However, this option is not breathable.

Some less conventional fabrics include rayon and merino.

• Rayon is composed of wood that is refined into a human-made fibre.
• Merino is an expensive option that can remain fresh without being washed for much longer than other fabrics.

Noah Teicher
Photo ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE Magazine


The staple white t-shirt is flattering no matter what your features are. It always makes a perfect undershirt and looks good paired with almost any outfit.

The classic grey t-shirt is also a stylish go-to and can be dressed up or down. However, its infamy for accentuating sweat patches is worth considering.

Black and navy are excellent night-time options as they give off a more formal vibe.

There are ways a t-shirt’s colour can complement more than your torso. If you have green or blue eyes, a green, blue or red shirt is likely to bring them out. More neutral shades are great for enhancing the richness of brown and hazel eyes.


No matter what your features may be, there is always a t-shirt, colour, fabric, and fit that will suit you and make you feel great about how you look.

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