The Orphaned Sock Epidemic: Getting Every Last Penny Out of Your Socks

Is there any use for the orphaned sock? You can always recycle that one orphaned sock, but also if you are emotionally attached to the same here a few fun tips!

There is an epidemic that has been silently terrorizing people across the globe for ages, and there seems to be no way to avoid it. The epidemic is, of course, that of sock loss. Whether it occurs because a sock is literally lost and cannot be found or because it becomes unusable because of wear and tear, it leaves a single, orphaned sock, alone and confused as to what to do. Yes, your sock’s life as an article of footwear may have come to an end, but it can be reborn by serving another purpose that is equally, if not even more, useful. The following list details several extremely efficient and interesting ways (more out-of-the-box than just using the sock as a rag) in which you can re-purpose your orphan socks and, by doing so, squeeze far more value out of them than if you simply throw them away once their mate is lost.

You can repurpose an orphaned sock as:

An Air Freshener – A sock is a perfect material for an air freshener. Because it is tightly knit, it will serve a pouch in which to keep fragrant ingredients, such as bay leaves, coffee beans, or spices. At the same time, since it is built with the ability for the fabric to breathe as a priority, it is not so tight that it does not allow any air to escape. Just fill the sock with the fragrance and hang it from your closet or place it in your fridge. Thanks to the porous cotton it is made of, it will do a great job of absorbing any unwanted odors as well as letting the scented air inside escape into the area.

• A Neck Warmer – Take an old sock fill it with uncooked white rice, and tie up the sock at the open end so the rice is trapped inside. You now have a reusable neck warmer! Whenever your neck aches or you need de-stressing, pop the rice-filled sock in the microwave for two to four minutes, depending on the microwaves power, and drape it around your neck. It works equally as well on arms, legs… anywhere you feel could use some relief. Again, the warmer is reusable, so your sock’s legacy will continue for years to come.


• A Soap Holder – Don’t bars of soap drive you crazy when you’re almost done with them? They turn into slivers that you just cannot use for lathering up. Well, the answer is to save your soap slivers in a sock and, one you have gathered enough slivers to get a good lather going, tie up the loose end of the sock and take it into the shower with you to use as a body scrubber. You may even want to slip whole bars of soap into orphan socks before using them, as it will make the bars les slippery and easier to hold.

• A Shoe Holder – This can be extremely useful when packing a suitcase, as where to put your shoes is generally an issue during that task. You don’t want to put them right up against your clothes, because shoes are not exactly the cleanest thing in the world and you don’t want your clothes to get scuffed up. At the same time, shoes look much better if they are kept pristine themselves, and being pushed up against loose clothes and other items could nick or scuff them. Just slip them into socks and voila! The soft cotton lining of the socks will protect your shoes from all damage, and it is much more space-efficient than keeping them in shoeboxes.

• A Self-Massager – Throw some tennis balls in a sock and tie off the open end. You can then roll it under your feet or neck while lying down to massage yourself. Chiropractic experts even recommend rolling your back on such a massager as a way to treat serious chiropractic cramps!

• A Travel Case – If you’re an even semi-frequent traveler, you’ve probably had the awful experience of slipping a phone, charger, iPod or other electronic into your suitcase or bagand finding it damaged or broken once you reach your destination because it was jostled around during the journey. Slipping each individual electronic into its own sock when you are packing is a quick and effortless way to avoid this issue.

These are only a few of the ways in which you can greatly extend the lifetime of your orphaned socks. Some of them work best with ankle socks, some with knee socks, and some with socks of some length in between. VKNagranistocks all lengths, and the quality craftsmanship that goes into making VKNagrani men’s socks guarantees that your sock will continue to perform admirably even after it loses its mate, no matter what duty its fate may hold.


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