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The Refined Watch That’s as Modern as Your Favourite Menswear

Refined Watch

There are plenty of reason’s why a refined men’s watch is what makes your favourite menswear attire. But how do you choose the right time piece? Known often as ‘watch snobs‘ there are collectors who are more than willing to take part in analyzing possible design complications, the statistic numbers and every single detail which at the end of the day would make one watch more collectible as well as more expensive than other on the market. (Image: Nick Scherner for MMSCENE Magazine by Kimber Capriotti, wearing Breitling watch)

Today the watch makers are focusing on creating ultra thin but impeccably precise dress watches, easy to be worn with a tuxedo. Nevertheless with the rise of the market, no contemporary men’s outfit is complete without something a man can wear around the clock.


Photo Igor Cvoro for MMSCENE

However the watch scene is hardly exempt from the crises in the fashion industry, with domination of fast fashion the craftsmen behind luxury and premium goods are hit especially hard. A luxury watch is still very coveted, to find our more we talked to Tom Pozsgay, Director of Watches and Watch Acquisitions for WP Diamonds. “The luxury market seems to have softened for the moment,” explains Mr. Pozsgay when describing the ever complicated demands of today’s market.  “The secondary, pre-owned, watches are still selling very well when the watch represents a good value and is a known luxury watch brand.

In this sense innovation and functionality are the root of each and every luxury timepiece on demand, the design expressed through functionality and creative expression is what makes luxur pieces unique. Naturally, we asked Mr. Pozsgay about the power brands on today’s market as well, which simply said dominate the same. “Rolex and Patek watches are still very hot on the secondary market, especially the vintage models.” he shares with us. “There seems to be a bit of a trend starting for ‘time only’ mechanical watches that are 40mm and thin. It is a much more conservative look.” Tom ads while speaking about the latest trends.


Another trend surfacing on the scene is the so called updated classic, the sentiment is often seen even in today modern digital or phone watches, coming from the likes of Apple and Samsung. Their luxury divisions are shaping these modern day mini-computers into the description of quintessential timepieces. Joining the race is also Huawei, who even upped the game by casting the most successful (and expensive) models on the scene (Karlie Kloss and Sean O’pry) to pose as the faces of their international campaign. Whatever the game was, this brand wanted a classic look for their modern day digital watch. The images itself were photographed by the legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino who’s rumored to take a shooting fee of more than hundred thousand dollars a day.


Nevertheless few more names are surfacing on the scene, with classics on their mind one of the latest is Mondaine. The makers behind the brand have the old watchmaking techniques on their mind. Celebrating the classic this design boasts stainless steel case as well as the white dial. But to create such a minimalist design, and to stand out at the same time a tremendous attention to detail is a must.


Another example of the classic take on the contemporary trends comes from German design house BRAUN, who to create the watch above teamed up with the OFF WHITE design team. The design is simple, but nevertheless this balance is what makes this piece eye-catching at the same time.

Finally, whatever your choice may be, as far as it comes to accessory a good watch is the ultimate investment piece. At the end of the day you can always sell your watch on the market, whether to replace it for another model or simply get your investment back.

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