4 Groom Boutonniere Trends To Consider In 2021

If you’re looking for some boutonnière ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the most popular boutonniere ideas that’ll continue to trend in 2021

4 Groom Boutonniere Trends To Consider In 2021

In a wedding, it’s not only the bride that needs to accessorize with flowers or embellishments, but the groom needs to look dapper with flowers and accessories as well. This is the reason why the groom and the groomsmen also need to wear a boutonnière.

A boutonniere is a flower or any accessory worn on the tuxedo or jacket’s lapel during a wedding. Wearing a boutonniere is a long-standing tradition for many weddings. It’s generally made of simple and delicate flowers that are reflective of the wedding theme.

If you’re looking for some boutonnière ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the most popular boutonniere ideas that’ll continue to trend in 2021:

  1. Flowers From The Bridal Bouquet

Traditionally, boutonnieres are made from the flowers found in the bridal bouquet. Many times, a single flower is combined with another to create a distinctive bouquet, and florists can choose from this selection to create a boutonniere for the groom. This can include an entire bunch of roses, a group of different types of roses, or a mixture of different flowers, such as dahlias, carnations, and many other kinds of flowers.

  1. Different Flowers That Complement The Bridal Bouquet

For non-traditional weddings, you may choose a boutonnière that’s different from the bridal bouquet. These flowers complement the bridal flowers because it comes with many colors and also has special meanings:

  • Tulips – these boutonnieres represent perfect love and happiness, which is what the couple wants to achieve in the marriage. Tulips come in many pastel colors that’ll complement whatever color theme the wedding is having.
  • Ranunculus – these boutonnieres are popular because of their charm and beauty. The thin petals are like crepe paper, and it also comes with almost every hue you can think of.
  • Orchids – these exotic flowers are not usually used for bridal bouquets, but they would be perfect boutonnieres because of their shape.
  • Jasmine – these are iconic flowers that are rarely used for traditional weddings as bouquets. If you want to incorporate these beautiful flowers, you can use them as the groom’s boutonnieres.
  1. Layers of Greens

Many modern weddings incorporate plenty of greens in their floral designs, which is the same with boutonnieres. Instead of using flowers, different greens are used to accentuate a groom’s suit.

4 Groom Boutonniere Trends To Consider In 2021

Here are some beautiful greens you can use:

  • Succulents – these plants have been increasing in popularity nowadays–from gardening to weddings. One of the beautiful choices to use is Aeonium.

In addition, these plants are elegant and easy to arrange for a wedding accent. Succulents are usually used in bohemian weddings. Succulents are typically layered with other plants like eucalyptus or berries. 

  • Herbs – another non-conventional choice, herbs can also be arranged to make a wedding accent for the groom. Herbs like rosemary, mint, sage, and lavender are popular for weddings.
  • Evergreen – for a woodsy or outdoor wedding, Evergreen is an excellent choice to make, especially if you want an enchanting statement. It also works well with white flowers, rustic ties, or pine cones.

There are other greens that grooms can use as a boutonniere. Always remember to add textures and layers to make the greens standout. 

  1. Non-Flower Choices

In 2021, many couples will go for a non-traditional wedding. With that, many aspects of the groom and bride’s accessories will be using unconventional items.

Instead of flowers or the usual green plants, here are some trending boutonniere for the groom:

  • Cotton – pieces of cotton are gaining in popularity for rustic and winter-themed weddings. The boutonniere can be layered with other non-flower choices like berries or bright succulents.
  • Family Heirloom – many grooms tend to choose a family heirloom as part of their outfit. It’s not only the bride that wears something blue, something borrowed, and something new.

A common family heirloom used as boutonniere is brooches. It’s a beautiful way to remember one’s heritage on your wedding day. Wearing vintage items also make cool accessories for the groom.

  • Feathers – feathers are also gaining in popularity and will be seen in 2021 weddings. The versatile material can be matched with other items like buttons or herbs.

4 Groom Boutonniere Trends To Consider In 2021

Some Tips

When creating a boutonniere, always make sure that you have plenty of layers for it to be attractive and become a fashion statement. Many florists are creating boutonnieres as if it’s a scaled-down bridal bouquet. So, you might want to choose different elements for it as well. You can add traditional flowers with the hint of the unusual greens listed in this article. 


A boutonniere might be a small aspect of the wedding design, but it’s still critical to be mindful of its appearance as it adds appeal to the groom and groomsmen’s outfits. If you want to go traditional, you can choose flowers from the bouquet and form them to create a dashing boutonniere. If you want to have variety in your wedding, you can select complementary flowers in the bridal bouquet. 

You can also choose unconventional boutonnieres like layering many greens to match your outdoor or rustic wedding theme. For other non-traditional boutonnieres, you can select different items like feathers or cotton. A family heirloom is also an excellent choice to remember your ancestors on your wedding day.


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