Here Is Your Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide!

MMSCENE team wrapped up the list of last-minute gift ideas for every need.

If you think you’re late with finding those perfect gifts for your loved ones this season, you’re not alone. Gift giving might not be a priority on your personal list, but you can’t let your loved ones down. There is still enough time to find the perfect gift and get it delivered for the holidays.


Shopping for everyone on your list, can become a bit overwhelming, so MMSCENE team wrapped up the list of last-minute gift ideas for every need. From one-of-a-kind treasures to the season’s must-haves, discover our selection of luxury gifts below.

Most-Wanted Sneakers

For fashionistas and snekarheads in our life sneakers make for great gifts all year long, but holidays are the absolute best time to surprise someone special with a new pair. From trendy runners to classics that never go out of style, there are plenty of amazing sneakers out there for every taste.

Whether you’re shopping for a true sneaker collector or are simply running out of gift ideas, with sneakers you really can’t go wrong. Discover the best sneaker sales at GOAT and Flight Club. You’ll be able to find some of the most sought after Yeezys, or AJs there, and some of them are on sale too.


Tech Accessories

It can be very hard to find a gift for a tech lover in your life, as they probably own every gadget out there. We recommend you buy them fashionable tech accessories by their favorite brands. Check out this AirPods case from Vivienne Westwood at SSENSE.

Ning Dynasty Satin Printed Coach Jacket

For the real fashionista in your live, this satin printed coach jacket from Ning Dynasty is sure to turn heads. Made of padded satin, this coach jacket is Inspired by a traditional ‘magua’ riding jacket, a style of jacket worn by males during the Qing dynasty (1644–1911). Expertly tailored in Italy, it comes fully lined and features a drawstring hem and an embroidered patch on the back featuring the character ? derived from the “green dragon” mahjong tile.

Celebrating unity through music and the power of the collective, Ning Dynasty is a newly launched London-based luxury brand. Rooted in the celebration of Chinese heritage and built on the aesthetic and opulence of youth culture. The brand features a number of elevated streetwear staples with a mix of Chinese traditional craftsmanship and playful references to 90’s cinema and pop culture.

Founded with the purpose to represent a native voice on the luxury streetwear market, it is inspired by both China’s imperial history and pop-culture. Ning aims to honor a vast cultural legacy in a playful yet proud way.

Espresso Machine

Coffee is a everyday ritual, but holidays are a perfect time to give a coffee-centric gift to someone who takes their morning cup seriously.

Courtesy of artist © Vuk Cuk

Original Artwork

For someone who has it all, art is a prefect gift choice. Plus if your loved one is a fan of art, then the chances are they have a favorite style or artist. Check the pieces they already have at their home to get inspired, or try to ask them indirectly about their preferences.

Buying from a young, emerging artist can be a perfect option. You’ll support a young talent, and you can almost be sure they don’t have their art in a collection yet. We’ve selected a drawing from Belgrade-based artist Vuk Cuk, that would make a perfect gift for art + fashion lover in your life.

Cocktail Making Set

For the cocktail enthusiast in your life, with this choice you’ll be sure to stay long after the gifts are opened to toast this gift guide.

© Rimowa © Off-White

Trunk Case

Perfect one for that travel lover in your life, a nice designer suitcase will make them pack and book a plane ticket.

© Byredo

Scented Candle

In a world overwhelmed by luxury scented candles, it is hard to find a perfect one for a holiday gift. You should know what are their favorite scents, to make sure they will like the candle. The easiest way is to check which candles they already own, and see what are the notes.

© Bang & Olufsen

Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone loves to lose themselves in a playlist during the holidays, while sipping a warm drink, and reading their favorite book. Bang & Olufsen designed this beautiful portable wireless speaker with 360-degree sound designed for flexible music streaming.


Everyone loves to lose themselves among the stars, and that’s the enough reason to own a telescope. We’re sure you can’t go wrong with this gift choice.


Jewelry, timeless in its allure, serves as a poignant emblem of emotions and cherished moments. From friendship rings, like those designed as unyielding knots symbolizing bonds that can’t be broken, to personalized birthstone pieces and classic locket pendants that hold memories close, each piece tells a story. Gifting jewelry isn’t just about the tangible item; it’s about encapsulating shared moments, feelings, and memories in a keepsake that endures, making it a profound choice for any occasion.

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